100+ Wonder Woman Quotes That Will Open Your Eyes To Humilty And Love

Wonder Woman Saying

Wonder Woman quotes that will open your eyes to humilty and love. Character quotes have become very popular on the internet in this modern era. Many people across the world take time to read through Character quotes because of how powerful they are. Here, we have for you a few Character quotes that will really show you a different aspect to their view of life. Quotes in general are meant to trigger your inner emotions and awareness.  If you go through Instagram, you will learn about the unsaid truth of this generation- people enjoy and love Character quotes. Everyone likes to read meaningful Character quotes that have good hand-lettering. Some even like to have Character quotes printed on their t-shirts as well as on posters that they hang on their wall.

Wonder Woman is known as Princess Diana Prince, and she is the daughter of Hippolyta, who is the Queen of the Amazons, and Zeus, who is the mightiest of the Gods of Olympus. She had then volunteered to leave behind her house in Themyscira and also go on to champion the Amazons’ message of peace. Wonder Woman is also one of the founding member of the Justice League. After she had become a super-heroine, the character had become a founding member of the superhero team, Justice League. Wonder Woman’s ambassadorial duties had required the character to visit Washington D.C., with Steve Trevor. When the Parademons had stormed Metropolis, Wonder Woman had then resolved to defend the city, and also met the heroes Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Flash. They had then met Cyborg, who tried to warn them against the evil alien conqueror known as Darkseid. Wonder Woman had proven to be crucial in defeating Darkseid and stabbed him in one of his eyes.

It really depends on whom you ask, but mostly, the appeal to most quotes lie in a good blend of wordsmithing, and the play on psychology. There are many who tend to love motivational and inspirational quotes that they resonate with.  Now, what makes Character quotes so effective is the way the quotes have been written. The phrasing of the statements contributes to a lot to the effectiveness of the quotes and a study conducted in the year, 2000 had proven that when people were shown two statements of the same saying, the participants said that preferred the rhyming aphorism quotes.

Many quotes have the power to change your life and also inspire you in many ways. There also quotes that trigger your emotions and can make you cry. Most people find life way too stressful and like to go through quotes that make them laugh. Today, we have for you a few Character quotes that will you will really enjoy reading through.


Wonder Woman Best Quotes

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Wonder Woman Popular Quotes


Wonder Woman Famous Quotes

“It is our sacred duty to defend the world.”

Wonder Woman Quotes

“I represent the ‘Wonder Woman’ of the new world.”

Wonder Woman Saying

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“…we must be tolerant with ourselves and allow ourselves some deviations from the straight line we set up to follow. Even more we must allow others the same prerogative.”

“A deal is a promise and a promise is unbreakable.”

“A different kind of knight, one who’d chosen to protect the girl the world wanted to destroy; one born to slay dragons, but maybe to befriend them, too.”

“A superhero is just an ordinary person who has found a better way to mask their human frailties.”

“And always your friend.”

“And friend.”

“And that to me is something. Coming to an understanding of who you are in the midst of discovering who you aren’t.”

“As lovely as Aphrodite – as wise as Athena – with the speed of Mercury and the strength of Hercules – she is known only as Wonder Woman.”

“Be careful of mankind. They do not deserve you.”

“Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference.”


“Dear Lynda Carter, Please be with me in my hour of need. Especially if I don’t have to twirl around to get my powers.”



“Even in the cartoon world, Wonder Woman in all her glory never raised children, stabilized a husband, or cleaned and managed a house. Wonder Woman faced only criminals, not housework horrors.”

“Everyone’s fighting their own battles, just as you are fighting yours.”

“Fighting doesn’t make you a hero.”

“Girls are also human beings, a point often overlooked.”

“I am a great scholar, my mind is full of wonders.”


“I used to want to save the world, to end war and bring peace to mankind. But then I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learnt that inside every one of them there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves – something no hero will ever defeat.”

“I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

“If loss makes you doubt your belief in justice, then you never truly believed in justice at all.”

“If you need to stop an asteroid, you call Superman. If you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But if you need to end a war, you call Wonder Woman.”

“Imagination is just what others use to get things they can’t understand into their heads. Rarely – if ever – do they actually fit there.

“In creating Wonder Woman, Marston hoped to provide a strong superheroine that appealed to both male and female readers, thus educating all citizens to women’s superiority and potential to create a harmonious society.”

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“It is our sacred duty to defend the world.”


“It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.”

“I’ve seen you play basketball, Theo. He beat you because you’re terrible.”

“Maybe it feels easier that way, just being invisible instead of always worrying what people think of you.”

“Now I know, that only love can truly save the world. So I stay, I fight, and I give, for the world I know can be.”

“Please take my hand. I give it to you as a gesture of friendship and love, and of faith freely given. I give you my hand and welcome you into my dream.”

“Righting the wrongs, defending America from the enemies of democracy and fighting for downtrodden women and children, in a man made world, Wonder Woman wins the hearts and leads the youth of America to victory over evil!”

“Sister in battle,” murmured Diana, “I am shield and blade to you.”

“Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine.”

“Sure we do,” said Theo, swatting at a branch. “We get to the spring, Alia gets cured. We argue over the best choice for our We Saved The World victory dance.”

“There are threads of fiction intricately woven into our muscles. Fictional characters such as Superman, Black Panther, Wonder Woman etc., are birthed from something struggling to come alife from deep within us.”

“There’s a reason I don’t have a list of villains as long as Bruce’s, Barry’s, or even yours. When I deal with them, I deal with them.”

“To love and be loved is a wonderful feeling.”

“We have a saying, my people. Don’t kill if you can wound, don’t wound if you can subdue, don’t subdue if you can pacify, and don’t raise your hand at all until you’ve first extended it.”

“What do I want to do with drawing? I want to draw Wonder Woman every day. That was the moment. It changed everything.”

“When it comes to procreation, men are essential, but for pleasure, not necessary.”

“Wonder Woman isn’t only an Amazonian princess with badass boots. She’s the missing link in a chain of events that begins with the woman suffrage campaigns of the 1910s and ends with the troubled place of feminism fully a century later. Feminism made Wonder Woman. And then Wonder Woman remade feminism….”

“You cannot make this kind of decision,” he said. “Go off with someone you barely know. You’re seventeen.”

“You dance differently when you know you won’t live forever.”

“A deal is a promise and a promise is unbreakable.”

“And between my prayers I made a vow that I would always be aware of my strength. And that of my opponents, my friends, and my victims…”

“And I admire your ability to lift a car over your head without breaking a sweat and look fine as hell doing it, said Theo with a bow.” ”

“””And I’m the queen of the Netherlands.”

“We don’t need Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman or Superman or any other superheroes,
because we are all superheroes in our own right.”

“It was a sad day when I realized I wasn’t Wonder Woman. So I decided to go out and write my own stories.”

“The historian, on the contrary, cannot experiment and can rarely observe. Instead, the historian has to collect his own evidence, knowing, all the while, that some of it is useless and much of it unreliable. “””

“And you’re the guy who got drunk on eggnog last Christmas and danced to ‘Turn The Beat Around’ in Aunt Rachel’s wig, so stop acting like you’re in charge.”

“Bonds of love never make the wearer weaker — they give him greater strength!”

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“Bullets never solved a human problem yet! ”

“came here to parley. But do not mistake a desire to avoid violence for the inability to deal it.”

“Death is necessary. It is part of life, and if we say life is a blessing, we must say that death is a blessing, as well.”

“Diana’s realization about mankind, love, and her undying life mission.”

“Feeding people is a just and dignified occupation.”

“Filthy, ill-begotten offal-spawn! You dare threaten a daughter of Themyscira?!? Tear your innards out and tie you to the tree of life with them, son of a motherless goat herder!!!”

“From the woman who is Wonder Woman on and off the big screen.”

“Get strong! Earn your living and fight for your country!”

“Her determination to endure the fight… whatever the fight may be.”

“I came here to parley. But do not mistake a desire to avoid violence for the inability to deal it.”

“I do enjoy your optimism, said Diana.”

“I don’t know which one of us has been more blind… you, in your refusal to adapt to a changing world… or me for following you this far down your well-intentioned path.”

“‘I wish we had more time.’ Steve Trevor ”

“I’d like to keep the illusion that there is a shade of moral difference between us and those we fight.”

“I’m good on fundamentals.”

“Kal looks to the future, Batman looks to the past… and I reside in the present, securely bridging the two.”

“Now I know. Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give… for the world I know can be. This is my mission, now. Forever.”

“Of all people you know who I am. Who the world needs me to be, I’m Wonder Woman. ”

“Peace is a virtue. A state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence and justice. It is not simply the absence of war.”

“Power without self-control tears a girl to pieces!”

“That time her mom reminded her she’s too good for any guy.”

“That time she reminded herself she’s too good for any guy. Preach it, girl!”

“Though I love Paradise, I yearn for more from my life… I yearn for purpose! – ”

“We agreed not to mention that ever again, Jason whispered furiously.””

“What one does with the truth is more difficult than you think.”

“When she’d rather wear her version of athleisure than an uncomfortable dress.”

“When she’s determined af to achieve world peace.”

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“Which will hold greater rule over you? Your fear or your curiosity?”

“Women seem like sissies because you don’t know their true strength.”

“We want to teach a better way and to be a hero, and there’s no one like Wonder Woman to do it.”

“I’m excited to see her power really soar and us have a great time having a great Wonder Woman in our world.”


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