The Time When Wonder Woman Killed Batman And An Enraged Superman, In turn Kills Her. Here’s What Happened


The daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the founding member of the Justice League and a crucial member of DC’s trinity, Princess Diana, aka Wonder Woman, is super powerful. Whether she is depicted as daughter of a God or just sculpted from clay, Wonder Woman maintained her status as one of the most iconic female superheroes since 1941.

He was always portrayed as a fierce warrior and the ambassador of peace. She is also well-known for being diplomatic and opens her heart to her fiercest enemies. but where she does differ from her from Superman and Batman is the rigid moral codes. Wonder Woman showed her readers many times that although it is her last resort, killing is not off the table for her.

There is a moment from the Absolute Power storyline by writer Jeph Loeb and artists Jesús Merino, Carlos Pacheco, and Laura Martin. In this arc, the members of Legion of Super-Villains travel in time from the 31st century for eliminating all of the founding members of Justice League. They then spare and raise a young Batman and Superman and groom them in order to become dictators who rule Earth.

In part 2 of this series, Superman/Batman #15, Wonder Woman assembles a group of fighters which is made up of world’s remaining heroes. During a clash with Batman and Superman’s forces, Wonder Woman attempts to appeal to them, but when this was unsuccessful, she kills Batman with a sword going right through his chest.

Her action sends Superman into a rage, and he becomes so angry that he even becomes irrational. He charges at her, and the angry Superman beats Wonder Woman and then implements a pretty savage finishing blow and strangles her to death with her very own Lasso.


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