Wolverine Vs Deadpool: Who Will Win?


Marvel’s Deadpool and Wolverine are both badass characters in the movie universe. Wade Wilson and Logan are known for their fast healing abilities and this is why actors, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have always been trolling each other. Jackman had sliced his way into all the viewer’s hearts 18 years ago and Reynolds had brought in Deadpool to the silver screen after so many years in development hell.

So, if these two were to brawl it out, who would win? It really depends on which Logan Deadpool is fighting.

For so many years, the fans have been wondering who would win and even saw the two fight it out in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine“.

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We are all waiting for a “Wolverine vs. Deadpool” movie and we know that it will be epic.

Hugh Jackman has played the role of Wolverine ever since the “X-Men” in 2000 and the character has sliced a lot of foes and bad guys into pieces. While a lot fo the Marvel fans also love Deadpool, the Wolverine is the more badass character and the adamantium claws and his quick healing factors make Logan almost unstoppable. Wolverine will easily rip Deadpool into shreds.

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But, if we consider a fight with “Old Man Logan,” then Deadpool will win. Logan is still badass but at that age his healing abilities are slower.

Logan can cut Wade into pieces and he also has great healing factors. And also, let us not forget that Deadpool is an unpredictable and unconventional anti-hero. and we really cannot tell what he will do to take down.


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