17 Absolutely Brutal Wolverine Vs Cyclops Memes For Genuine Fans


As soon as the Wolverine became a member of the X-Men, he was pitted against Cyclops, while the latter was all about authority, Logan was the representative of rebellion. In fact, right back when Wolverine first appeared as an X-Man in the comic book Giant-Size X-Men #1, he was seen almost telling off a puppet of the authorities who became furious when Wolverine stopped working for the Canadian government and went on to join the X-Men. Also, the girlfriend of Cyclops, Jean Grey, turned out to be another sour point between the two men. Wolverine wanted her whereas Cyclops eventually married her, but,  even the marriage didn’t diminish Logan’s lust for the fierce redhead, and did nothing to improve the ties between the two men. Rather, as is not difficult to figure out, it resulted in the feud between them becoming more serious.

This point has been explored in the comic books as well as the cartoons and the movies as well. Both the other mediums have surprisingly gone more in-depth into this arc than expected. The fact is, it is such a potent emotional battle that it is well suited to nasty memes highlighting the issues between these two men. Keeping that in mind, we present to you this collection of nasty memes showcasing the battle between Wolverine and Cyclops.

OMG… Cyclops!

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Height Differences

Some wounds never heal!

Angry Canadian!

Only Red!

Yes, yellow!

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That’s so Wolvie!

Secret Mechanic!

Not Much!

Jean is back…

It wasn’t Wolvie!

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Wolverine gone Hulk!

Wedding of the century!

Wolvie missing his mate…

Keep babies away from Wolvie!

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Artist Wolverine required!

And in the end…


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