100+ Wolverine Quotes That Will Teach You To Be Rough And Tough


Wolverine quotes that will teach you to be rough and tough. Wolverine quotes have become very popular on the internet in this modern era. Many people across the world take time to read through Wolverine quotes because of how powerful they are. Here, we have for you a few Wolverine quotes that will really show you a different aspect to their view of life. Quotes in general are meant to trigger your inner emotions and awareness.  If you go through Instagram, you will learn about the unsaid truth of this generation- people enjoy and love Wolverinequotes. Everyone likes to read meaningful Wolverine quotes that have good hand-lettering. Some even like to have Wolverine quotes printed on their t-shirts as well as on posters that they hang on their wall.

James Howlett aka Wolverine was born in Alberta and he is the son of John and Elizabeth Howlett, and he is the illegitimate son of the Howlett’s groundskeeper, known as Thomas Logan. After a falling out, Thomas had killed John in front of James and he had discovered that he had retractable claws that come out of his fists and he then used them to kill Thomas. He then flees with his friend, Rose and also grows into adulthood with her and adopting having adopted the name, “Logan”, and accidentally kills Rose by stabbing her with his claws. Wolverine had then discovered that he has some healing abilities and also decelerated ageing. He had then served in both the world wars alongside Captain America. Then, he had been discovered by a secret military program called, Weapon X that had wanted to turn him into a weapon. They had coated his skeleton with Adamantium. This experiment had been a huge success and how Logan had given into his new-found animalistic instincts and also slaughtered his way out of Weapon X.

It really depends on whom you ask, but mostly, the appeal to most quotes lie in a good blend of wordsmithing, and the play on psychology. There are many who tend to love motivational and inspirational quotes that they resonate with.  Now, what makes Wolverine quotes so effective is the way the quotes have been written. The phrasing of the statements contributes to a lot to the effectiveness of the quotes and a study conducted in the year, 2000 had proven that when people were shown two statements of the same saying, the participants said that preferred the rhyming aphorism quotes.

Many quotes have the power to change your life and also inspire you in many ways. There also quotes that trigger your emotions and can make you cry. Most people find life way too stressful and like to go through quotes that make them laugh. Today, we have for you a few Wolverine quotes that will you will really enjoy reading through.

“I’m gonna cut your god damn head off. See if that works.”


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“If you accept the pain, it cannot hurt you.”

Wolverine Quotes

“Nobody suddenly discovers anything. Things are made slowly and in pain.”

Wolverine Best Quotes

“When your dreams becoming reality, they’re no longer your dreams.”

Wolverine Famous Quotes

“The pain lets you know you’re still alive.”

Wolverine Popular Quotes

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“Because I believe actually the more you do something, the less frightening it becomes because you start to realize the outcome is not as important as you think.”

“Coming to terms with our true natures and who we really are has always been a fascination to humans. I know it fascinates me.”

“Giving people a hand up, not a handout, is the way forward.”

“Grow those back!”

“I can look back on my life, where there have been moments where things might have gone the other way. Everything is like stepping stones, and I’ve seen people I admire falter. We’re all vulnerable.”

“I can’t.”

“I have two kids, career and I travel, and I don’t think my life is any different than most couples. The most valuable commodity now for many people is time and how to parcel that out.”

“I just love making a fool out of myself. I made my living as a clown at kids’ parties for about three years.”

“I know what you are.”

“I meditated before I hosted the Oscars, I meditate before I go on stage, I meditate in the morning and lunchtime when I’m on a film set.”

“I said the school’s closed! You need to leave!”

“I think the most interesting question is, why do you act? I act because I have felt in acting some of the most free moments of my life…I think it’s also one thing that scares me the most.”

“I treat auditions like I treated my first dates. It’s an opportunity to get to know a stranger and to learn from each other.”

“I truly believe that the job of an actor and the drive of an actor is simulating the internal journey in life which is to get deeper and deeper into our understanding of who we are.”

“I’ve always felt that if you back down from a fear, the ghost of that fear never goes away. It diminishes people. So I’ve always said ‘yes’ to the thing I’m most scared about. The fear of letting myself down – of saying ‘no’ to something that I was afraid of and then sitting in my room later going, ‘I wish I’d had the guts to say this or that’ – that galvanizes me more than anything.”

“If you put Buddha, Jesus Christ, Socrates, Shakespeare, Arjuna, Krishna at a dinner table together, I can’t see them having an argument.”

“In life you don’t regret the things you do, you regret the things you don’t do.”

“Look, kid. You and I are gonna be good friends.”

“Not until I see the professor.”

“Now I meditate twice a day for half an hour. In meditation, I can let go of everything. I’m not Hugh Jackman. I’m not a dad. I’m not a husband. I’m just dipping into that powerful source that creates everything. I take a little bath in it.”

“Put the knives down!”

“Sometimes you have to go places with characters and emotions within yourself you don’t want to do, but you have a duty to the story and as a storyteller to do it.”

“Tell me something, Jimmy. Do you even know how to kill me?”

“The definition of being good is being able to make it look easy.”

“The longer it takes you to become successful, the harder it will be for somebody else to take it away from you.”

“The word philosophy sounds high-minded, but it simply means the love of wisdom. If you love something, you don’t just read about it; you hug it, you mess with it, you play with it, you argue with it.”

“There comes a certain point in life when you have to stop blaming other people for how you feel or the misfortunes in your life. You can’t go through life obsessing about what might have been.”

“There’s no professor here! I told you that.”

“We can live tough lives, but the human spirit is stronger, seemingly, than anything. There is redemption, hope, and love. All different forms of heartbreak, but beyond all that there is hope, there is love. There is beauty and bliss.”

“What exactly are you a professor of, Mr. Logan?”

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“What I respect as far as in myself and in others is the spirit of just doing it. For better or worse, it may work and it may not, but I’m going to go for it. Ultimately I probably prefer to be respected for that than whether it works out or not, either winning or losing.”

“When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.” – Hugh Jackman

“With age, you see people fail more. You see yourself fail more. How do you keep that fearlessness of a kid? You keep going. Luckily, I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself.”

“You just don’t know it yet.”

“Your country needs you!”

” always think the great parts outlive the actors that play them and that’s a stage tradition, that goes back hundreds of years and it should be that way.”

“All of the ‘X-Men’ characters really intrigue me. Wolverine is my favorite character.”

“Comic book fans have loved Wolverine, and all the ‘X-Men’ characters, for more than the action. I think that’s what set it apart from many of the other comic books. In the case of Wolverine, when he appeared, he was a revolution really. He was the first anti-hero.”

“Death is an unrequited love.”

“First favorite character growing up was Spider-Man, second was Wolverine.”

“For me, I was never really obsessed with Luke Cage. My obsession was Wolverine.”


“Haven’t met anybody who’s invulnerable to a well-planted elbow in the groin.”


“I do believe that in the future there will be a movie called ‘Deadpool vs. Wolverine’.”

“I don’t know if I’m quite grizzly enough. My facial hair is still very thin and patchy. I feel someone who plays Wolverine potentially needs testosterone in abundance.”

“I grew up on comic books. ‘X-Men’ was my favorite team; Wolverine was my guy. At 8 years old, I dressed up as Wolverine with Adamantium claws that I made out of aluminum!”

“I have done many movies that people hadn’t seen. ‘The Fountain,’ I spent a year on that. ‘The Prestige’ with Chris Nolan, and ‘Australia.’ From my perspective it’s very satisfying. Some movies people see and other movies they don’t. ‘Wolverine,’ ‘X Men,’ I know that in some level people know me just for that and it’s fine for me.”

“I just really want to work with Hugh Jackman because he’s Wolverine. That would be so awesome.”

“I learned a lot doing ‘Wolverine,’ and I was also very fortunate, in the sense that I got to do a huge number of visual effects shots.”

“I think Batman has the Wolverine problem. I think he’s overexposed.”

“I want to go at least 11 hours without food. I sat next to Hugh Jackman at a conference, and he told me he fasted 12 to 14 hours when he was training for the Wolverine movies. I’ve deluded myself into thinking I can effortlessly achieve the same body type as Hugh Jackman if I keep up this eating schedule.”

“I was chosen for ‘Wolverine’ because there weren’t any other Japanese actresses available who could speak English. With ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Hannibal,’ I got the roles as a result of previous work I’d done, not just because of my nationality.”

“I was very attracted to doing ‘The Wolverine’ in Japan because that’s my favorite chapter in the story of Wolverine. But I’m not a superhero guy.”

“I’m a soldier, and I’ve been hiding too long.”

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“If I had my way, I’d love to see ‘Wolverine’ in a cosmic adventure all by his lonesome.”

“If you cage the beast, the beast will get angry!”

“I’m a huge Marvel Comics fan, and I’m a huge ‘Wolverine’ fan, I like the ‘X-Men’ comic book.”


“I’m the best there is at what I do but what I do best isn’t very nice. ”

“In my whole life, I felt like an animal. I ignored my instincts, And I ignored what I really am. And that won’t ever happen again.”

“It’s absolutely physically demanding to play the role of Wolverine. There’s a lot of action, and I try to do as much of it as I can because it’s better for the audience.”

“Life is a gift. Immortality a curse.”

“Likewise, I see no shame in writing Captain America or Wolverine.”

“Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon and each month it cries for a love it will never touch.”

“My character in ‘Batman v Superman’ isn’t supposed to be Japanese, but director Zack Snyder said he’d seen me in ‘Wolverine’ and had to get me in the film somehow. Hearing that was like music to my ears.”

“My whole life, I felt like an animal. I ignored my instincts. I ignored what I really am. And that won’t ever happen again”


“Now I meet people with full-color Wolverine tattoos on their backs. Thank God I did okay, because I think if I hadn’t, they’d spit on me in the street.”

“Overall, I’m happy how ‘Original Sin’ has come together. It’s an amalgam of all I’ve done at Marvel, mixing the gritty, violent ‘Punisher Max’ stuff with the zany, light-hearted ‘Wolverine & The X-Men’ work.”

“Patience isn’t exactly my strongest suit.”


“Sometimes, when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry. ”

“That’s the great thing about parenting. You end up going places you never thought you’d go.” ”

“The mutants I like – Wolverine. The action heroes I like, they have weapons; they are more visceral. So I filled the comic with characters like that, and we got big results.”

“The two most exciting things for me to get to work on ‘The Wolverine’ was getting to work with James Mangold, the director who directed ‘3:10 to Yuma’ and ‘Walk the Line’ as well as getting to work with Hugh Jackman.”

“There was a whole display set up of all the X-Men paraphernalia. My wife couldn’t resist telling this 5-year-old boy that I was Wolverine. The little kid looked up at me and he was staring at me.”

“What kind of monster are you, The Wolverine”

“What’s nice is between ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ and ‘Thor,’ I get to write two very different kinds of stories. Both of them really seem to scratch some itches for me.”

“When I got my first glimpse of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, my breath caught. In that single instant, he was Wolverine.”

“When you dance, your body just wants to find its natural weight. I’m naturally a lot more Tommy Tune than I am Wolverine.” ”

“Wolverine is a world-weary old warrior. His rage issue notwithstanding, I see him as someone with the tortured soul of a poet, but one who has seen too many friends and lovers die. Even with that, he has grown into a leader and a true hero.”

“Write down five things you love to do. Next, write down five things that you’re really good at. Then just try to match them up! Revisit your list once a year to make sure you’re on the right track.” ”

“Yeah we’re outnumbered, I’m not gonna lie. But we lost Scott, we lost the professor, we don’t fight now everything they stood for will die with them. I’m not gonna let that happen, are you? Then we stand together, X-Men, all of us.”

“You have ten words, ten. How many words was that?”

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“You lost your money. You keep this up, you’ll lose something else.””

“You might remember that ‘annoyed’ is my natural state.”


“YOU’RE A D***.”

“I do a lot of voice over for Japanese anime titles as well as live-action stuff and original stuff from the States. ‘Legion of Super Heroes,’ ‘New Wolverine: The X – Men’ animated series, ‘Afro Samurai’ and some live-action stuff, TV shows here and there – I like to mix it up.”

“Ah, man, when Wolverine grows his face back, he’s really gonna be pretty upset.”

“A howl is as infectious to a wolf as a yawn is to a human.”

“Wolverine is a jerk!! And he smells like beers!”

“It was surprising when I still got wounded and she healed like the wolverine.”


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