The Time When Wolverine Killed Captain America In the Most Brutal Way, Here’s How It happened


Wolverine is the most popular mutant in the X-Men universe. He leads the X-men team and is the reason why they are victorious in many of their battles. With Captain America: Civil War out and X-Men: Apocalypse to follow shortly, there are plenty of debates about who would win in a fight between these superheroes.

One such match-up is Wolverine and Captain America.

In a comic arc of the What If series, Wolverine: Enemy of the State released in November 2006, Wolverine takes on the entire Marvel universe. This arc was written by Jimmy Robinson and Mark Miller and is considered as one of the best stories ever written for Wolverine.

Baron Strucker, a Hydra agent, brainwashes Wolverine to steal crucial documents from SHIELD. A lot of superheroes try and stop Wolverine only to be killed by Logan.

Wolverine first kills Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Magneto and The Punisher before finally facing Captain America.

Captain America had tried fighting Wolverine once before where he loses an arm and his left leg. Captain America tries to beat  Wolverine while sitting in a secured location while a few of his loyal friends try and neutralize Wolverine.

Magneto tries to stop wolverine by freezing his adamantium skeleton when Hydra teleports Wolverine behind Magneto breaking his concentration for a second. Logan used the opportunity to kill Magneto in one swift slash across his torso.

Wolverine fights against all obstacles and in the end, comes face to face with Captain America. In a scene filled with typical comic book drama, Wolverine brutally drives his adamantium claws deep into Captain America’s skull. saying, “Say hi to Bucky for me.”

Wolverine is later killed by Kitty Pride, but it was too late by then. The mutant’s murderous rampage killed almost all of Marvel’s superheroes.


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