What Kind Of Story Should Aladdin Have In Its Sequel


As everyone in the world knows by now, an Aladdin live action sequel has been announced. It was in a lot if ways a foregone conclusion that there would be a sequel considering the movie was such a hit and the original animated movie had two sequels. People specifically fans are extremely excited how the sequels to Guy Ritchie’s movie will shape up, whether it follows the sequels or not. And honestly if it does it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world as the sequels were pretty darn good. But if I have to choose I would say go with Aladdin and the King of thieves rather than the immediate sequel The return of Jaffar.

There are many reasons behind it, the major one being the dominance of Jaffar in the original movie. It really felt like all juice that could be extracted out of this character was extracted to the T. What else could be done, is a question that really blows my mind. Surely the writers are creative enough to get new aspects of the character and make it come into play, but would it really be viable. To have him come back so soon could prove to be weird. Another important feature if that sequel was the redemption of Iago, well Iago did not even have speaking lines in Ritchie’s movie- so that certainly could be ruled out of question.

On the other hand King of thieves has a variety of elements that would make for an interesting movie. Here we could really gain a good depiction of the complex Father- Son relationship between Cassim and Aladdin. We saw how Aladdin was left by his father and made to take this life of a petty eunuch on the streets, the second movie could marvellously build on this.

Not only that the quest of Midas that the group of forty thieves and Cassim did in the movie could also give a great tale of adventure and a close look into the socio economic conditions of the people in those times.


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