Wes Balls To Helm The New Series Of Planet Of The Apes


Every studio is on the lookout for franchises. I mean, look around- reboots and sequels are all the rage in town right now. The two highest grossing projects of our time are based on franchises. Disney has a gold mine of sorts in Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars. Something they are exploiting through everything from merchandises to giving a momentum to their new streaming service in front of giants like Netflix and Hulu. And is very much succeeding in every way. And with the daily news that comes from the studio like of the revival of Honey! I shrunk the kids, sequel of Aladdin and Mighty Ducks, it is very much clear that the team of Disney is into overdrive on revitalising their past successful projects.

After he purchase of 20th Century Fox, it was also more than clear that franchises here might also go through a sequel or reboot treatment. One of such series was definitely Planet of the Apes. This series already has had two sets of movies- one from the 90s and the other from 2011s. Both of these series’ have accumulated earnings of 2 billion dollars. Even when the recent movie from the franchise was released in 2017, a fourth movie was a huge possibility. Even Reeves’ the director and co-writer of the movie who at present is busy with Warner Bros. Batman, seemed excited about the prospect of delving into the universe more.

Now, all our speculations can be laid to rest as reports have suggested that Wes Balls’ will helm a new take on this franchise. It won’t have any relation with Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes or Matt Reeves’ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes or War for the Planet of the Apes. It would essentially be a reboot.

This transfer of responsibility from Reeves to Balls is also a little weird as Reeves till the purchasing by Disney was attached to 20th Century Fox’s adaptation of Mouse Guard. This project was supposed to be directed by Balls. But Disney pulled it off.

Murky, very Murky.


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