New Online Fan Video Shows WWE Star Becky Lynch Protecting Kairi Sane. Here’s What Happened


The major event of WWE’s TLC pay-per-view Sunday had featured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors (Kairi Sane and Asuka) and they had defended their titles against Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

This had marked the very first time that the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles is defended in a TLC match, and this had lived up to the hype with a pretty brutal event, and this had seen the Kabuki Warriors maintain their titles. There are many reports that Kairi Sane had suffered an injury during this match. A fan video now shows Becky Lynch rolling Kairi Sane to protect her, just after Asuka had powerbombed Charlotte from the ring apron.

While the crowd at WWE had reacted to this powerbomb spot, we can see Kairi Sane and Becky Lynch on the right of the footage. This moment does not last long, but we can see Becky Lynch rolling Kairi Sane underneath the ring.

It is pretty hard to tell what Kairi Sane had suffered, and many reports have said that she had a concussion. There had been some moments during this match where Kairi Sane had made an appearance to not be moving well. Charlotte had then followed up the Spear with a powerbomb to Kairi Sane.


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