Venom’s Leaked Images Hint At Spiderman’s Involvement


Just so everyone knows Sony did it first. Before DC came up with Nolan and Marvel came with Iron Man. Sony ruled the superhero roster with its Sam Raimi trilogy. And you know what they were one of the best superhero movies ever made and still are. Marvel movies actually sort of went with Raimi’s tone. But you have to give it to Marvel; nobody did the universe thing before them and what an idea it was. It made every fan’s dream come true.

So now with its brand new Spiderman, Sony is ready to cash on this universe plan with their own universe. They are starting a spider universe sort of separate from MCU. They began it with Venom, a movie that they planned since Raimi’s trilogy and it reaped the benefits like no other. They have a planned sequel ready to hit theatres on October 2.

Bu one of the things that really rubbed the fans in a wrong way was when the movie chose to disconnect from MCU’s Spiderman. I mean read the comics Venom is a huge part of Spidey’s universe. Nobody could understand why and the movie critically suffered because of that. But guess what maybe there was explanation an after all. After the trailer of Morbius released eagle eyed fans noticed that there were posters of our beloved Spidey, but it was Raimi’s Spidey aka Tobey McGuire. The only reason Raimi’s trilogy ended was because Raimi discontinued and now since he is reportedly back to direct MCU’s Doctor Strange 2 which apparently deals with multiverse. There is a huge possibility that every reiteration of Spiderman might appear on our screen at the same time. The seeds of the doubt could be traced back to Spiderman Far from home’s mid credit scene which had a very important character from Raimi’s trilogy.

That’s a wrap from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

Now some leaked picture suggest that MCU’s Spiderman is a part of Venom’s universe as the poster in this movie says Where is Spiderman? Meshing well with Far from Home’s ending.


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