Venom Trailer Has A Major Mistake That’s Pissing Off The Long-Time Spiderman Fans


If there were doubts that Sony’s Spider-Verse film may allow the lead character a chance to go full, comic book Venom, these worries were put to rest after the release of movie’s second trailer.

The fans see the long, serpent tongue as it was meant to be and that Eddie Brock’s roots in journalism are very much intact.

The very fact that the movie was even produced by Sony and takes place kind of outside of the MCU means that a few liberties were taken for this character. Without Spider-Man, Venom’s origin would have to be changed, and we can surely understand that.

There is one thing that the movie seems to have changed which does not seem to be sitting right with us. It does bother us a lot.

Yes, it is the pronunciation of “symbiote.”

A minute after the trailer starts, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) meets Jenny Slate’s character, and while she briefs him on the discovery of a few alien entities who may lead to Venom’s birth, she says the word as, “sym-bye-oat.”

This is well, wrong.

All Spider-Man fans would know that word has to be pronounced as “sym-bee-oat.”

For some reason, the Venom movie chooses to ignore that bit of the Spider-Man mythos. It does not matter that the pronunciation are accepted by the Merriam Websters dictionary.

The caveat of reading comics is that readers would come across a few words or names that they are not familiar with. The comics do not always come with a chart of pronunciation. As far as we, the fans are concerned, it has been long established that this word symbiote is pronounced as “sym-bee-oat.”

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams Jenny Slate, and Riz Ahmed.

The movie will release on Oct. 5, 2018.


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