A New Version Of Venom Trailer With Googly Eyes (Video)


There are also those who believe that the trailer must have included…googly.

The writer Derek Faraci came up with a fantastic tweet showing Tom Hardy’s conversion from Eddie Brock into Venom and enhanced it a million times by adding the googly eyes. Have a look!

Sadly, we are not going to see Venom with the awesome googly eyes in the actual movie. The way things appear, Sony and the maker Ruben Fleischer are aiming to create a comic book accurate depiction of the dangerous Spider-Man enemy.

The Venom seems to be based on the miniseries Venom: Lethal Protector. In that story, the lead character goes to San Francisco and rubs the Life Foundation run by Dr. Carlton Drake, on the wrong side. They get their hands on a sample of the symbiote and eventually created five more evils including Phage, Scream, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

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The film is going to use that plot to create an origin story for Eddie Brock, who is going to keep the character’s comic book occupation as a journalist. However, while the comic character was shady and devoid of any ethics or honesty, focusing only on making money, the Tom Hardy version seems to be more down to earth and ethical, although he is still not averse to some dirty work.

The Life Foundation helmed by Dr. Drake (Riz Ahmed), is going to be the ones who will retrieve the symbiote from the crashed alien spaceship, conducting experiments on people, and Eddie ultimately comes to know of it. When he broke into the premises of Life Foundation to find out, he got bonded with the symbiote and started speaking in the third person. He even tries directing the attack on “bad people” as Venom.

For now, it is not known whether the movie will have any connection to or is going to be a part of the MCU, and that might be a part of the movie’s marketing plan. The fact that this is not being made by Marvel Studios, but, by Sony which still holds the rights to the Spider-Man’s collection of characters, and it might be a solo spin-off.

Although people might be angry about Spider-Man not being a part of this movie featuring his most famous villain, there are rumors that Tom Holland might play a cameo in the movie.

That will be revealed when Venom will release in theaters on October 5.


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