Avengers Infinity War Directors Finally Reveal Where The Venom Movie Fits In Marvel Movie Universe


The future of the MCU is now at the forefront of all conversations after Avengers: Infinity War, and one topic is regarding its expansion.

Sony’s deal with Marvel Studios had brought Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to the MCU, and now the Fantastic Four and X-Men are on the table.

The deal between Sony and Marvel was limited to sharing Spider-Man. Sony’s larger Spider-Man Universe movie franchise was not going to be part of the MCU and now, Avengers: Infinity War director, Joe Russo has confirmed this is the case.

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Russo was answering a few questions at Iowa City High School, and he had been questioned about the upcoming Spider-Man universe spinoff movie, Venom and if it would connect to the MCU. Russo’s response was, “No that’s a Sony property’.

The partial crossover between the Spider-Man franchise and MCU is one which had seemed destined to end on a bad note for Sony. The response to Venom’s first trailer was mixed, and the fan anticipation for Spider-Man spin-off movies like Silver & Black is non-existent.

The Spider-Man animated movie from Phil Miller and Chris Lord ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ has generated a lot of buzz, and on the MCU side, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is being praised as a standout in Avengers: Infinity War.

Venom will show us Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. When Eddie starts investigating a shady Life Foundation, a business associate of Annie (Michelle Williams, his girlfriend), his life changes.

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The Life Foundation leader, Carlton Drake discovered an alien life called symbiotes, and this can bond to human hosts and give them powers.

Eddie’s investigation leads him to the discovery, and he then becomes a test subject for this symbiote. He soon discovers that the alien lives inside of him, and when it does come out, Eddie becomes the Venom.

The movie will be a standalone story, but is expected to introduce a few big Spider-Man comic book staples like Carnage.

Venom will release on October 5th.


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