We May Have To Unlearn Whatever We Knew About Venom In The Marvel Universe


After a very successful run for the villain, Thanos, writer, Donny Cates had turned his attention to another famous villainous character: Venom.

Cates and Ryan Stegman launched the “Fresh Start” series with a whole new story which can be picked up by almost anyone, whether you have been a fan or just heard of him.

Almost everything in the book seems pretty normal for Eddie Brock. But there is a different darkness waiting around the corner, and it is not long before it reveals itself, and in one issue, Cates and Stegman had revisited the ancient history, and rewrote everything that we knew about the symbiotes.

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The history of how the very first symbiote had come to Earth is known to all Spider-Man fans. In the Secret Wars series, Peter Parker had come into contact with a black symbiote on Battleworld, and he had brought it back to Earth. Many years later, it had been revealed that the symbiote became Venom was a member of an entire race of parasitic aliens, Klyntar.

In Venom #1 (LGY #166), we are shown a bit of revisionist history. The issue starts with a flashback sequence which features the Norse hero Beowulf and places the events of the prelude around the year 700 AD.

This seems to confirm that the story of the symbiotes on Earth predates the Spider-Man’s relationship with the parasite by many years.

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The Venom symbiote was not the first to land on Earth and much later in the issue; we had learned that there was a whole military squadron of Agent Venoms many years before Flash Thompson could wear the parasite.

Now, these symbiotes awakened and been taken over by the presence which stalked Beowulf’s men. It becomes clear that this is not just a symbiote. It is a more powerful one and can take control of other symbiotes as well. This includes Venom. When the asphalt of New York open, the symbiote warns us, “God is coming.”

When a winged-like creature appears from the depths of the Earth, the issue comes to an end.


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