New details of the upcoming Spiderman movie reveal their brand-new villain


Fans were waiting a long time to see their beloved Spidey on screen again and therefore when Tom Holland finally made his appearance as the fan favourite Superhero in Captain America: Civil War the viewers quiet literally went Nuts. They replicated their excitement as tom Holland appeared in his first solo venture as Spiderman in Spiderman: Homecoming and made it a huge Blockbuster earning over $880 million worldwide. The feat was repeated during Tom’s second Solo outing with Spiderman: Far from home which earned over $1.1 billion worldwide, making it the highest grossing movie in the Spiderman franchise. The success that the first two films has made the third film of the franchise one of the most awaited movies of all time. Fans all over the world are speculating constantly about the plot of the movie and possible characters that can make an appearance in it. Fans got a sigh of relief when Sony and Marvel resolved their differences and decided to continue with Tom Holland’s Spiderman in MCU.

According to the latest news the third Spiderman movie along with its patent locations of Atlanta and New York will also shoot certain Portions in Iceland. This bit of information gives hints regarding the villain of this movie as Iceland will serve as the perfect backdrop for the iconic villain Kraven The Hunter. Even though the character is of Russian origin, Iceland has doubled for Russia multiple times in the past. If true this is a huge revelation as the character is one of the most popular in the comic universe and has never appeared in any of the previous iterations of Spiderman. This will give the movie a chance to give their own spin on this iconic character. It will also be exciting to see Kraven chase Spiderman who according to Far from home will be on the run from authorities because of murdering Mysterio.

No matter what all these leaked details are making it harder to wait for the third Spiderman Movie.


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