EA Hints At Upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X Star Wars Game


EA Motive has now confirmed that it is working on a “very unique” Star Wars game with a new IP. This news comes from the general manager at the Montreal-based studio, called, Patrick Klaus, who had been a part of Ubisoft Quebec. Klaus had said that this studio is now working on two projects and neither of them have been announced. One is a new IP from a new team within this studio. The other is the Star Wars game, and it seems like it has the bulk of EA Motive. Klaus does not divulge further details, and this is the new Star Wars game EA had been talking about during the earnings call, and this has been scheduled to release between April 2022 and March 2023.

“[The identity] is being built right now,” Klaus had said.

“And we’re doing a lot of work internally in order to identify our DNA, who we are, and what we do. We’re in the process of communicating that internally and making sure the teams buy into it, that they’re fully committed to where we’re going and they understand why. And then I think the identity externally gets proven when we release games, and when we release successful games.”

We can expect Star Wars to become the bigger one of these two projects but the way Klaus has talked about the new IP, it hints that not only is it a games-as-a-service title, but this may be a powerhouse.

“When I joined, I certainly didn’t want to just do a hard reset because there are plenty of things that are great,” Klaus had said.

“So we added some elements, tightened up the mission, tightened up our production plan. We refocused the new IP we’re developing in order to make sure the studio becomes a powerhouse for years.”

Klaus had then spoken about how different EA is now:

“It feels like a different company, a company that’s very much focused on quality,” Klaus had said.

“That’s part of the reason that got me excited about coming back, really the number one priority is that we want to make great games, and EA execs are really empowering Montreal with the amount of talent we have in the studio to play a big part in making some awesome games for EA.”


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