100+ Undercover Brother Quotes About The 2002 American Action Comedy Blaxploitation Film

Undercover Brother quotes

These Undercover Brother Quotes About The 2002 American Action Comedy Blaxploitation Film. There are so many Undercover Brother quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Undercover Brother  Quotes exists just do that.

Undercover Brother was released in 2002. This is an action-comedy movie. Starring a few of the renowned names like Denise Richards, Chris Kattan, Neil Patrick Harris, Eddie Griffin, Dave Chappelle, and Aunjanue Ellis this movie had done a more than average business.

The film starts with an African – American culture society in America. The characters in the film Undercover Brother, Mr. Feather, Chief, Conspiracy Brother are biting funny names to take but the roles being played were quite an active one. The main villain was The Man and the Undercover Brother saves others from him.

The main location or the shooting of the film was mostly done in the R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant in Toronto. This place was portrayed as the headquarter of The Man.

Undercover Brother had won two awards, one is for the best song “Undercover Brother (we got the funk)” in Black reel and the second one is for Best Guilty Pleasure from Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards.

This film was produced by Brian Grazer with a budget of $25 million and the box office collection was $41.6 million which was quite a good collection. With this value, it is considered as the hit movie.

Undercover Brother had got a mixed review from both critics and other viewers. The average rating was 6.8 on the scale of 10 given by Rotten Tomatoes.    Many critics had commented that the film was full of racial comments. This was the major issue that film has not received the amount of acclamation it should have received.

We have dug up these Undercover Brother quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Undercover Brother Sayings in a single place. Undercover Brother Quotes  About Mary have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Undercover Brother quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Undercover Brother quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“Always trying to shut the white man down.”

Undercover Brother best quotes

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“Your body’s slammin’. Let’s get to jammin’.”

Undercover Brother famous quotes

“Oooh, right up the pooper!”

Undercover Brother popular quotes

“The computer! Another idea stolen from the black man!”

Undercover Brother quotes

“Caucasian overload! Caucasian overlord!”

Undercover Brother saying

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“Too funky for myself.”

“Ja mon, rasta!”

“Who the hell are you, woman?! You’re the Grim Reaper, ain’tcha?! I don’t wanna go to hell!”

“Holy Motown!”

“It’s time to say goodbye to Anton Jackson… and say “what it is” to Undercover Brother.”

“There’s times for falling apart, and there’s times for gettin’ funky. This is one of those funky times!”

“You mess with the ‘fro… you got to go.”

“Let me tell you something about the word “good”, brother. “Good” is an ancient Anglo-Saxon word “Go-od” meaning “absence of colour”, i.e. “It’s all Good”
which it is, or “Good Will Hunting”, meaning, “I’m hunting niggers”. So when you say “Good Morning” to me, what you’re really saying is “I’m going to kill
your black ass first thing in the morning”!”

“Hey, look out, black man, he’s got a gun! (gunshot) I’m hit, but my vest caught it, bitch!”

“Oh, shit! It’s Macy Grey with pork chop sideburns!”

“I never trusted that Colonel. Slaves cooked that chicken! Ain’t no white man know about no sixteen herbs and spices and giblets!”

“Jesus Christ, black man. Babe Ruth, black man. Madonna… sleeps with black men.”

“Gimme a pillow case. I’m joinin’ the Klan!”

“Atomic core”, eh? Let’s see what this so-called button does.”

“You’re so sweet. And cute, too, in a Theo Huxtable kind of way.”

“A girl needs friends, Anton. Would you like to be my friend?”

“They look at you and all they see is a threatening black man. They look at me and all they see are my full breasts and my narrow waist that tapers to my pert backside. It’s just not fair.”

“It’s time to release our secret weapon. I call it… Black Man’s Kryptonite.”

“Little by little we’re blending and merging until one day we’re all going to be one united people, living and working and dancing together like the news, or
Ally McBeal, or the people that work at Saturn! And we’ve gotta stop it before it’s too late!”

“Everything is “A party over here!” with you people, isn’t it?”

“I owe all of you a huge apology. I was watching this program… maybe you’ve seen it. It’s called “Roots”?”

“Let me talk to them. I’m white. [to guards] We don’t want any trouble.”

“I… am not… a SISSYYYYYYYYY!!”

“The Man: First our children hip-hop all over the suburbs, and now Boutwell might be president! They are taking over every aspect of our culture!”

“General Boutwell: I want you… to buy my new fried chicken.”

“Security Robot: Blackness confirmed. You got soul.”

“The Chief: This is a great day for black people of all races.”

“He’s All Action”

“Sistah Girl : Undercover Brother, Conspiracy Brother”

“Conspiracy Brother : Hey, how ya doin.”

“Undercover Brother : Good mornin!”

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“Conspiracy Brother : Good morning? Get on the desk, spy in the building! Spy…”

“Undercover Brother : Don’t touch the fro!”

“Conspiracy Brother : Back up off me man!”

“Undercover Brother : Back up off me!”

“Conspiracy Brother : Let me tell you something about the word “good,” brotha. Good is an ancient anglo-saxon word, go-od, meanin the absence of color. I.E. it’s all good, which it is, OR Good Will Huntin’, meanin, “I’m Huntin’ Niggas!” So when you say good morning, what your telling me is “I’m gonna kill yo black ass, first thing in the mornin’!”

“Undercover Brother : Are you telling me there really is a Man’?”

“Conspiracy Brother : What do you think? Things don’t just happen by accident! Sometimes people – mostly *white* people – make things happen!”

“Undercover Brother : So the conspiracies we’ve believed for all these years are true? The NBA really did institute the three point shot to give white boys a chance?”

“Smart Brother : Absolutely!”

“Undercover Brother : Then the entertainment industry really *is* out to get Spike Lee?”

“Conspiracy Brother : Come on man! Even Cher’s won an Oscar! Cher!”

“Undercover Brother : Then O.J. really didn’t do it?”

[Everyone looks away and mumbles]

“The Chief : We… we ain’t got time for this!”

“Undercover Brother : You know what they say, behind every great black man…”

“Conspiracy Brother : is the police.”

“Undercover Brother : No.”

“Smart Brother : A bunch of slow white athletes?”

“Undercover Brother : No!”

“White She-Devil : A cute butt.”

“Undercover Brother : NO!”

“Lance : Probable cause.”

“Sistah Girl : He had sex with a white girl, that’s what!”

“Conspiracy Brother : Was it everything I dreamed of?”

“Sistah Girl : Excuse me?”

“Conspiracy Brother : [beat] Naw man, you can’t be doing that…”

“Conspiracy Brother : Jesus Christ: black man. Babe Ruth: black man. Madonna:… slept with black men.”

[after witnessing the General’s speech]

“The Chief : Smart Brother, you’re so damn smart. Can you tell us what the Hell just happened?”

“Smart Brother : Well, uh, I, uh, um…”

“The Chief : [mocking him] Well, um, I, uh… Shut up! If I wanted to hear something stupid, I’d ask his skinny Black Ass!”

“Conspiracy Brother : Ha, ha! In your face! Ha! Skinny black… HEY!”

“Lance : I *feel* black.”

“Conspiracy Brother : But you *look* white… don’t touch me!”

“Conspiracy Brother : You know he does have point about that Colonel. I never trusted the Colonel. Slaves cooked that chicken. Aint no white man know anything about herbs and spices and gibblits.”

“Conspiracy Brother : George Washington Carver made the first computer! Out of a peanut! A PEA-NUT!”

“Undercover Brother : Hi.”

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“Conspiracy Brother : “Hi”? What you mean “hi”? Like “high yellow wanna be white”? “High” like the *white man* wants to keep us? Wait, you don’t smell any weed on me, do you?”

“Undercover Brother : Brother, when you get a minute, could I get a list of the words that trigger these fits?”

“Conspiracy Brother : Oh, shit! It’s Macy Gray with Porkchop Sideburns.”

“Lance : So let me get this straight; whenever a black guy does well, starts wearing Dockers, buys a few Celine Dion records, and sleeps with a White chick, you automatically say he’s sold out?”

“The Chief : That’s enough, Lance!”

“Lance : Always trying to shut the white man down.”

“Conspiracy Brother : THAT’S RIGHT! That’s Right!… Oh, that ain’t right.”

“Conspiracy Brother : That’s Right! It’s goin’ to the streets. Hey y’all! It’s revolution up in this Bitch! Set the alarm for Defcon 5! It’s on, baby… it’s on!””

“The Chief : Good work, White She-Devil. Oh, and you in too.”

“Conspiracy Brother : What the Fuck? Chief! I’ve never seen this bitch in my agent classes! I’m still paying the loans off, man! I sleep on a pissy mattress! I ain’t got good food to eat! I borough money for my Weed! I quit! That’s it. Y’all ain’t got Conspiracy Brother Jones to kick around no more! Give me a pillow case… I’m joining the Klan!”

“Conspiracy Brother : No, it’s once your black there’s no turning back.”

“Conspiracy Brother : Smart brother? Am I gonna die?”

“Conspiracy Brother : The computer, another idea stolen from the black man.”

“Man : Identify yourselfs!”

“Conspiracy Brother : I’m with Island Fortress Cleaning Service sir.”

“Man : Oh, okay.”

“Sistah Girl : Thank you. Your so sweet.”

“Lance : It looks like the Source Awards in here…”

[Conspiracy Brother punches him]

“Conspiracy Brother : It does now!”

“Conspiracy Brother : Atomic Coré… let’s see what this so-called button does…”

“Computer voice : Attention! Atomic core set to overload”

“Conspiracy Brother : My bad!”

“Undercover Brother:
You mess with the ‘fro, you got to go.”

“Undercover Brother:

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They shouldn’t have called me a sissy.”

This isn’t Taco Bell! Oh, man…”

“Mr. Feather:
Who’s there?”

“Undercover Brother:

“Mr. Feather:
Kung who?”

“Undercover Brother:
Kung Fu!”

“General Boutwell:
Move over Colonel, here comes the General!”

“The Chief:
Today is a great day for black people of all races.”


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