Two New Characters For Sequel Teased In Sonic The Hedgehog


Sonic the Hedgehog has proven to be a resounding success. Not only did it rejuvenate Paramount who faced a string of big budget flops till now it also re-established everyone’s faith that video game live action adaptation can work. Yes, the low 3 million dollar gross on Thursday previews was a disappointment and bad omen, but it all fell into place as the movie with its faithfulness to the original content just like Sonic sped to a 100 million gross worldwide in the opening weekend.

The gross is huge and considering that studios are literally hounding for a successful franchise these days. There is little to no doubt that a sequel will happen and the fact that they are heading towards that direction was proven by the post credits scene.

As the movie has proved that it really takes the feelings and emotions of the fans into account, therefore it can be a foregone conclusion that we will see the appearance of many fan favourites in the sequel starting with the one and only Miles “Tails” Prower. We find him in the post credits looking for Sonic. In the original franchise Tails and Sonic are allies who team up together to face off against villains like Dr. Robotnik played in this movie by legendary Jim Carrey.

Another appearance that we can anticipate in the sequel could be of the Red echnidian Knuckles. Though not teased directly, indirectly his appearance is set up in the origin of Sonic. Longclaw the original protector and guardian of Sonic warns him to keep his super speed a secret and when he doesn’t do so a tribe comes and attacks them and Longclaw loses his life. This is what prompts Sonic to escape and come to earth. But it is never explained why Sonic was attacked in such a manner. This could be potential window for Knuckles to return as in the video games he starts off as a villain wanting to hurt Sonic and this tribe shared all the features of Knuckles.

If that is so then I cannot wait for the sequel.


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