Trump Reacts To This Year’s Oscars


This year’s Oscars was monumental and eventful to say the least. It not only had amazing moments but also brought attention to important social topics. We had Parasite a foreign movie do so well in the event, the performances and the opening speech literally addressed the lack of diversity. Natalie Portman’s beautiful dress addressed the lack of nominations that women received in which Greta Gerwig was the biggest snub. We had some extremely passionate speeches from the winners, such as Joaquin Phoenix’s urging to take care of the planet and the creatures in it and really put a check on our selfishness. His remembrance of his brother River Phoenix also tugged many heart strings.

Bong Joon Ho’s heartfelt happiness and humility also touched hearts everywhere. His humility was visible as he literally dedicated his entire speech thanking his mentor Martin Scorsese for inspiring him to make movies, Quentin Tarantino for giving visibility to his movies and admired the works of Todd Philips and Sam Mendes.

There were also a lot of firsts as well. Joaquin Phoenix and Brad Pitt won their first Oscars for acting after such a prolific career. Brad Pitt won the best supporting actor award for his performance in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Everyone was happy and ecstatic at seeing Pitt finally get the Oscar for one of his best works in his career. What also brought focus was his speech. He used his speech to bring in attention to the matter that there were no witness testimonies in the highly controversial impeachment trial. He said that 45 seconds given to him were much more than what National Security Advisor John Bolton got to say in the senate.

As we all know Trump doesn’t really react well to criticism and he proved it by calling Pitt a “wise guy” at a rally.

He also spoke against the fact that a Korean movie got the Oscars for best picture and not an English movie.



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