Tom King Releases Spoilers About Batman Catwoman


Batman is set to begin a glorious run in all the platforms very soon. With Reeves’ first look of Batman getting favorable reviews as well as his designing of the costume being lauded from various corners, we can be assured that this new Batman trilogy has been set in a good path. Apart from that there are various issues if Batman in comics that has been generating a good response. Various facets of his characters such as his protective nature towards Gotham, his relationship with Joker as well as his relationship with his various allies are being explored in an amazing and well written manner like never before.

Batman as a hero has great importance. Historical he is next to Superman. But the difference between Superman and him is how humane he appears next to the Red Cape. His origins also make him more believable and reachable in comparison to others. He does not have any good given powers but actually cultivated them to become a protector. His need for giving other protection is not genetically ingrained in him but rather comes from a trauma he suffers in his childhood in the form of the demise of his parents.

This vulnerable Batman is what forms the center of Tom King’s issues. It is such a good, and in depth read and has amassed a huge popularity. Tom has finished his core issue but will now continue the story in theplanned 100 issue run in the pages of a new mini-series titled Batman Catwoman. And he have us some spoilers when he released a post in his social media account which shows Batman and Catwoman, but the latter has a visible belly which indicates that there might be a new Wayne in town.

Apart from this we will also see the pair mourning Alfred who tragically died at the end of the original issue.


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