Incredibly Funny Tom Holland Memes To Make Fans ROFL


Tom Holland is not a human being; rather, he is a walking meme. Just think of the guy or anything that he did in on-screen in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Okay not that final scene from Avengers: Infinity War, but, everything preceding that. In fact, all you need to do is to think ‘Tom Holland,’ and we bet, you would recall either a hilarious meme or a scene that would make you laugh instantly. That’s the power of Tom Holland. Not many people would know that Tom’s father Dominic Holland is a comedian and writer himself, so probably that’s where he got those funny genes.

He is just 21, but, he is already one of the next big things in Hollywood. He had a stunning debut as Peter Parker aka the Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe a couple of years ago, and last year, he starred in the Spider-Man solo movie Spider-Man: Homecoming which landed him a BAFTA Rising Star award. Now, the young star has once again displayed his funny side as well as acting chops perfectly in Avengers: Infinity War. He is refreshing, entertaining and he is the British guy who is potentially one of the young faces which will dominate the next decade of Marvel Cinematic Universe. With such success and fan following, one can’t stay away from the meme makers. No wonder, Tom Holland is not just funny on-screen, but, his funny memes are also all over the internet. Marvel and Spider-Man fans have created scores of Tom Holland memes. The smart thing is that the actor is not only aware of his reputation as a funny guy, but, also leverages this image to the hilt by playing along.

In case you didn’t have your daily dose of laughter yet, go ahead and check out these incredibly funny Tom Holland memes. And if you already had it, still, laughing more never hurts so check them out anyway!

1. Hop aboard the greatest ship of all – the friendship

2. A true mentor

3. A classic. But did you know Tom himself approved?

4. I don’t feel so good

5. All Hail King Tobe

6. Took to being in outerspace pretty well up until that point tho

7. Back off you Thanos, you

8. We must protect these two at all costs

9. No Lips Allowed

10. Chillin with the fellow daddies

11. This father figure is better! Much better!

12. Give em the ol’ what for, frog


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