20 Pictures Of Tom Holland Having Fun With His Fan Proving He Is The Real Life Spider-man, We All Wanted 


Tom Holland came out of nowhere, and he is probably one of the most famous Actors amongst the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans at this moment.  Tom Holland achieved something that was really difficult for anybody putting on the Spiderman costume on the big screen. Why are we calling it difficult? Well, let’s track back and go through how we reached the third reboot of Spiderman via Spider-man: Homecoming that nobody really wanted.

The Spider-man live-action movies were not doing well, the first two movies with Tobey Maguire version of Spiderman were extremely good, but the third installment in the series was a true abomination. Spider-man 3 was so bad that it destroyed whatever plans Sony had for the franchise.

Sony Pictures, then decided to reboot the Spider-man movies by making Andrew Garfield the new “Amazing Spider-man”, Andrew was a fantastic Peter Parker and Spider-man but the story writing and directorial execution lacked, the biggest mistake was – they tried to tell the origin story of Spidey once again, which literally bored the audience. The second installment in this series had all the glamour and cool action sequences but for some reason, audiences didn’t feel connected to this new world of Spider-man. It performed poorly on the box-office, and Sony shut their garage door on the Spiderman movies.

Marvel Studios approached Sony and proposed if they can make a collaboration on the rights of Spider-man, and they struck a deal. That’s how the world got Spiderman: Homecoming from MCU. Tom Holland was fairly unknown English lad, and some even questioned his selection because he seemed way too young for the part.

The conditions were hostile for Tom Holland and everyone was expecting him to fail, but by his hard work and acting skill, this boy came out victorious. Now, Tom Holland is one of the biggest stars not just in North America but across the globe. Tom has fans from the age of 4 to 64, On top of it, he is a down to earth guy, who can mingle with people easily and he understands that he is what he is today because of his fans. That’s why Tom Holland never avoids taking selfies or having a quick little chat with his fans.

Here are some of the photos of Tom Holland having fun with his fans, and giving them a once in a lifetime experience of meeting with the real-life spider-man:-

1. Proposal Accepted

2. Ohhh My God

3. Cutie

4. With Winter Soldier

5. The Cosplay Dog

6. With Captain America
















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