Tom Holland Disinterested In A Back To The Future Reboot


Beloved movies are something that should not stay locked in cupboards at least right now, when there is such a huge market for it now. People especially fans really want to see their classic movies revived on screen. Like Bill and Ted, Matrix as well as shows like Will and Grace. But it does bring into centre a very important question do all movies need a reboot or sequel or do they have a scope of it? I mean iconic movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day off, The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future- they all are such classics, and unique and have a set in stone personality. Can we Revive or reboot it. Do they need to go through that? Well Tom Holland does not think so.

After the announcement that the DeLorean automobile, from the movie will be back in manufacture. The fans went into literal frenzy. This frenzy was fanned by a viral fan made trailer re-imagining Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland in the main roles. This combination has been very popular in the fandom not only because they are great actors but they also share an amazing chemistry as evident from their Marvel Movies. But when asked about doing the reboot, Tom gave a clear no as an answer.

Co-Writers of the movie Bob Gale and Zemeckis also shared the same sentiment. Re affirming the fact by saying that a sequel will not happen until they have a say in it.

And his reasoning was also perfect, he said that he did not want to remake it because it is already perfect.

The movie and character are very special to him as he tried to emulate Marty McFly in Spiderman. Something which his director Jon Watts also encouraged as he made each and every member of the cast watch legendary movies of 90s like The Breakfast Club.


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