Todd McFarlane Revisits Marvel Character Spiderman


We love us some Crossovers. In the last few months some well intentioned and unintentional Crossovers have made us literally jump from our streets. We had Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Teenage mutant ninja turtles team up.And then we had various franchises accept that they share their universe. X men did it with Rick and Morty and Flash did with Dragon Ball z.

Fans for years have wished for a crossover between Marvel and DC. In comics or in movies. In movies there is literally no scope for it as both the franchises are each others’ biggest competition. In comics it might happen, though the nature of that crossover is not making me a fan. I don’t want one to disseminate in order for the merge to happen.

But we oftentimes forget that these two are not the only main players in the comic market. There are others who are also very much iconic. A prominent name among them is Image Comics. Image Comics was created out of McFarlane and six other superstar artists leaving Marvel and DC to establish their own comic line.

I mentioned the name of Todd McFarlane separately, because he is the only one to never come back in any capacity, but now due to some fortunate circumstances we were able to get a glimpse of his mastery on one of the favourite Marvel Characters Spiderman along with his own creation Spawn

If you think it is indicative of any crossover, then you are utterly wrong because nope it is not. It is for the Overstreet Price Guide, the industry-standard pricing manual for comic book fans and retailers. Each year they have an influential artist draw their covers to showcase their legacy.

And we must say they could not have made a better pick than Todd McFarlane, considering his involvement with Spiderman comics and the Image Comics. For years there have been speculation that Marvel wants him back but considering his tight schedule, it seems quite impossible.


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