Time To Lol With 25 Hilarious Star Wars Vs. Star Trek Memes


Imagine the greatest rivalries ever! Mohammed  Ali vs. Evander Holyfield, Coke vs. Pepsi, Alien vs. Predator, Right vs. Left, Republicans vs. Democrats, Red Sox vs. Yankees, Cats vs. dogs, Vampires vs. Werewolves, DC vs. Marvel, Beatles vs. Rolling Stones or Good vs. Evil!

These are some of the greatest rivalries of the contemporary world. However, none of them can stand up to the stature of an ongoing battle which started several decades ago in a galaxy far, far away: Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

This is a battle which has continued for over 40 years, and neither side has a clear advantage over its rival. They both display outstanding technology, far ahead of our understanding. They both depict incredible aliens which co-habit and co-work with the humans, proving that racism and xenophobia are beatable. Both franchises boast of movies, TV shows, Comic books, novels, video games and all other stuff based in their universes, catering to millions of fans all over the world.

The worldwide reach and loving fandom lead to fierce competition between the two sides. For a number of years, the rivalries came to fore only during sci-fi conventions, but, the internet has given an unlimited scope for the battle to expand.

In the process, we also get several hilarious memes to figure out why two brilliant nerds would be at each other’s throats arguing about the good and the bad of two non-existent universes.

No matter what your opinion of Star Wars or Star Trek is, it is undeniable that the memes can prove a point or two. Let’s check them out, shall we?

25. A Captain Needs A Crew, Right?

24. A Weapon From A More Civilized Age

23. Capitalism Is More Powerful Than Either Universe

22. Everybody Needs A Hobby

21. To Philosophize Is To Become The Divine

20. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

19. The Force Versus A Force Of Nature

18. Space Communism: The Only Kind That Works

17. The Better Villain, The Better Geometry

16. We Get It – Q Is God

15. A Terrible Shot Versus An Unmissable Target

14. The Next Generation Will Decide This Battle

13. JJ Abrams Doesn’t Need Your Stupid Continuity

12. Man, Shatner Is Heavy

11. A Stunning Comparison

10. A Technological Edge

9. The Better Crossover

8. How To Handle An Impressionable New Species

7. A Selective Misremembering Of History

6. Battle Of The Babes

5. Woah

4. Jar Jar Ruins Everything

3. Can’t We All Just Get Along?

2. In The End, The Fight Boils Down To Numbers

1. A Battle Of Wits And Neck Pinches


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