There Is Another Powerful Marvel Artifact That Makes Infinity Stones A Joke


The comic books are filled with many mystical artifacts that bestow its wielder with Godlike abilities like The Cosmic Cube, the M’Kraan Crystal, the Eye of Agamotto and lately, the Infinity Stones. The Infinity Stones were gems of primordial power that give the user complete control over the six aspects of the universe.

Their popularity rose after Marvel Studios decided to feature them in the Avengers: Infinity Wars movie as the object of Thanos’ quest to help wipe out half the universe. In the comic books though, the story of the Infinity Stones took an interesting turn of events. Apparently there is an artifact believed to be even more powerful than Infinity Stones!!

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Infinity Stones have been at the epicenter of most of the Marvel Comics crossover arcs. The Stones, which were first featured in The Thanos Quest back in the 1980’s recently made an appearance in the latest Marvel Comics’ Infinity Countdown. The storyline focused on the superheroes and the supervillains trying to collect the Infinity Stones to either use for their own gain or to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. But in the race to retrieve the Infinity Stones, the heroes forgot that the Marvel Universe also has other artefacts with equal to or even greater power than the Infinity Stones of the Marvel Universe.

In The Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #2, the granddaughters of King Thor – Frigg, Elissiv and Atli encounter one such object that could change the destiny of the Marvel Universe forever.

Thor’s three granddaughters made their first appearance in Thor: God of Thunder #18. They have since made numerous other guest appearances. The three goddesses of Thunder admire their grandfather, considering Thor as their greatest inspiration and idol.  That is why they decide to use this artefact to travel back in time to the All-Grandfather’s prime years as a superhero and God of Thunder.

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Thors’ two granddaughters – Atli and Frigg are free-spirited Asgardians that most of their time having fun but Elissiv, the third granddaughter of Thor is very curious. She spends most of her time researching Asgard’s history. The three granddaughters encounter gemstones called the Time Diamonds, which are similar to the Time tone if crushed into a million pieces.

The Goddesses of Thunder used the time diamonds to travel back to the present time from the future. It is left to be seen what repercussions their actions hold or whether the three granddaughters of Thor influence Thor’s life in the past that the future will be changed forever. The Granddaughters are unaware of how to use the Time Gemstones so they most certainly weren’t thinking when they travelled back in time.

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What is the origin story of the Time Diamonds? Are they as powerful as the Time Stone? Are the Infinity Stone and the creation of the Time Diamonds somehow connected?? There are a lot of questions the Marvel Comics need to answer in the later issues of The Gate s of Valhalla. Let’s hope the secret, when revealed, does not let us down.


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