Here’s Why Star Lord Must Be Replaced By Thor to Lead Guardians of The Galaxy


Thor first makes his acquaintance with the Guardians of the Galaxy in Infinity War in the most unusual way. He loses everything he holds dear including all his allies, his home planet Asgard and brother, Loki. The Guardians are the closest thing he has to friends next to the Avengers. Before that, the Guardians of the Galaxy were unheard of according to Thor.

While Starlord has always been the leader of the Guardians, his departure at the end of the movie opens up a plethora of possibilities andopportunities which could use Thor as a new leader.

The Guardians are ‘stuck’ with Starlord

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Peter Quill is an awesome character but has his flaws. In the end however, Quill always ends up winning the game and our hearts along the way while putting a lot of smiles on our faces. In Infinity War, though, Peter Quill was at his lowest. He was rarely cooperative, questioned authority and demeaned his own allies. When Thanos was almost subdued, Quill unwittingly set him free. Peter is the leader of the Guardians as he owns the ship they live in.  But with Quill now gone and, Thor could give the Guardians much more weight as their leader than Quill ever could.

Thor is now truly a God

Thor lost so much in such little time. Yet he refused to give up and continued to persevere. Quill wasn’t the only one who lost his lady love. Thor has lost much more than Quill but he decided to rise above his losses and start anew. As a result, Infinity War saw Thor truly become a God and is now the ‘Strongest Avenger. He has abilities that the other Avengers could not even boast of.

The Guardians like Thor

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Thor literally dropped onto the Guardians windshield and instantly impressed Drax, Mantis and Gamora. He even managed to convince Rocket and Groot to come with him to Nidavellir to help Thor forge his new weapon, Stormbreaker. Rocket later sympathized with Thor as Thor opened up to him to show how much he had lost in all these 1500 years and yet he still lives to serve others. Groot even lent his arm to create the handle for Stormbreaker. Someone who could inspire  such loyalty from complete strangers in such a short span of time is truly a born leader.

Peter Quill is a brat and annoys every one of his team mates with his stupid antics. But Thor is not someone who is frivolous. Not only is he more powerful than Starlord, he is also more experienced after having battled the Frost Giants, Monsters and other Gods. He has what it takes to lead the team while Quill is still a novice.

With the Stormbreaker as his new weapon, Thor will probably continue his outer space adventures after Avengers 4. The Guardians are a popular superhero team within the MCU. Quill’s reckless act in Infinity War tarnished their reputation a bit and spoilt their chances of saving the universe.


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