The Witcher To Start Filming Soon


For years Netflix has looked for a franchise and its wait got delightfully over with The Witcher which released at the end of last year with a lot of acclaim, so much so that it became Netflix’s most watched series as revealed in the investor’s meeting.

Netflix had a lot of faith in the series as it not only invested a lot in it but also brought major stars to headline it such as Henry Cavill. The final content did not disappoint them at all due to which they gave it an early renewal. Since the show had an early renewal it will in all probability start production soon.

As far as the cast goes the core cast is all set to return led by Henry Cavill as the gritty Geralt of Rivia along with Carmel Laniado, known for his role in Dolittle who will be joining the cast for season 2.

The filming is reportedly set to begin from next month.  It will mostly take place in countries like Scotland and Eastern Europe. There are reports that Netflix is setting up shop for The Witcher in Arborfield Studios, which is located west of London.

With this news it is quite obvious that the show will come to our screens sooner than later as judging by the filming schedule the show should be available by the end of this year or the starting of next year.

As far as Carmel Laniado role in the series is concerned she will appear as Violet who has been described as “a young girl whose playful and whimsical demeanour is a front for a smarter and more sadistic character.” The character will appear in at least 3 episodes.

The sophomore season is also slated to have eight episodes. The series has been adapted from novels of the same name and before being adapted as a live action series it was adapted as video games. An anime based on the series is also set to cone on Netflix.


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