The Witcher Gets A New Anime Series Titled The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf


Pop Culture’s newest obsession The Witcher is getting bigger. Netflix recently announced on its social media platforms that a new anime titled The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf will join the universe.

This new anime series will be headed by the showrunner from the live-action series, Lauren S. Hissrich. Netflix also announced that Beau DeMayo, who penned an episode of the live-action series for Netflix, will also be involved in the project.

Studio Mir will handle the animations of the anime. It is not Studio Mir’s first outing in the anime world. Previously they worked on The Legend of Korra as well as Voltron: Legendary Defender both of which are highly acclaimed.

Netflix also has a pretty decent record with animations as Voltron: Legendary Defender was created as well as streamed on Netflix.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf has huge expectations to fulfil as the original series has been overwhelmingly successful and has broken records. It was not only gladly welcomed with open arms by the long-time fans of Andrzej Sapkowski book series of the same name but also by fantasy fans everywhere who were looking for something to obsess with after the ending of Game Of Thrones, last year.

As far as the twitter post is concerned the new anime series will take the viewers back to a new threat facing the Continent.


There is no news as to who will star in this new series, or if any character from the original series will make an appearance. I mean the cast was a huge reason as to why the series became such a huge hit. I am still not able to get over Henry Cavill’s amazing portrayal of Geralt.

The first season of the original series, consisting of eight episodes, was released on Netflix in its entirety on December 20, 2019. The series starred Henry Cavill, Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra in main roles.



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