The Witcher Casts Kristofer Hivju In Season 2


The Witcher is one of the most popular and in demand series of today according to Business Insider at least. Though everyone was wishing for its success. Nobody expected it to become a phenomenon it eventually turned out to be. It was crisp, gritty and amazing all at the same time. It was a ride to be honest for the long time fans of the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. They had literally waited decades for a proper live action adaptation of the series and now to get one so properly and amazingly executed to the T by everyone.

When a beloved series gets a live action adaptation especially as a series the fans seemingly start imagining about various instances that could be adapted. We still are angry about the Snape pensive and Harry-Ginny portrayal. Therefore there were a lot of things the fans wanted out of the first season which were based on The Last Wish, as well as Sword of Destiny.

One of the most anticipated ones was none other than “A Grain of Truth” Story which people wanted to see come to life especially the character Nivellen. But the story was a little standalone type and would not have went with the continued systematic arc of the first season. The creator herself was very excited to have it, but at the end scrapped it, as it was her favourite story.

But seems like our prayers will be answered in the second season as reports have suggested that Kristofer Hivju has been casted in the role of Nivellen. Hivju is mainly known for the character of Tormund Giantsbane.

Though not specifically by the name of character, the synopsis of the character played by the actor as given by the source indicates that the actor will play Nivellen only.


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