The Witcher Announced As The Most In Demand Series


The Witcher has been a phenomenon in every way possible. Netflix with this series wanted to introduce a franchise which it failed with Marvel and alongside all of this they also wanted this series to fill the Game of Thrones shapes hole in the hear of fantasy fans. And it did its job amazingly as the series quickly became a property to obsess about for fans all over the world. The fans were obsessed with everything starting from plot to the characters. And seems like Netflix too had a lot of faith in it as it gave the series a renewal even before it premiered.


At Netflix’s yearly investor meeting it announced that The Witcher was its highest viewed first season ever. This was a huge achievement though it was somewhat convoluted in the sense that people who might have just clicked on an episode might have been counted as viewers.

Even after being a bonafide  hit, it had a lot to prove in the sense that whether it had staying power. And it proved so, according to Business Insider which announced The Witcher as the most in demand series of present.

It basically came out as a winner over The Mandalorian, a Disney+ offering from the Star Wars franchise. This win is huge as Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises of the world as of now coming second only to Marvel Cinematic universe. On the other hand The Witcher came out of a series which though had a dedication and cult like following but still did not have a mainstream popularity. At least not like the George Lucas series.


Netflix’s faith in the series was further proven by the fact that they ordered an anime set in this same universe.

This news must have caused flutters in the hearts of this show’s and book’s fandom, because they faced many difficulties and disappointments in the path of getting a live action adaptation and the fact that the series did so well even after having only Henry Cavill as a popular face reiterates the strength of the core material.


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