The Weirdest Thor In The Marvel Universe Slaughters The Most Powerful Avenger


The following article has spoilers for Annihilation: Scourge- Beta Ray Bill, by Michael Moreci, Alberto Alburquerque, Jay David Ramos and VC’s Joe Sabino, on sale now.

In a world that is full of Gods and superheroes, Beta Ray Bill seems to be pretty weird. Thor’s hammer is wielded by the Asgardian God of Thunder or even Jane Foster. Bill is an alien space horse, and he has clashed with Thor’s Norse trappings before Thor: Ragnarok had earned success with a pretty similar formula. While the creator, Walter Simonson, had given Bill this appearance to make the audiences unsure if he had been a hero or a villain, Bill has become Marvel’s most noble cosmic heroes.

In Annihilation: Scourge tie-in, the wielder of Stormbreaker and the Lockjaw, the Inhumans’ teleporting dog land on Gyrax and this is where they encounter a version of Doctor Strange from Cancerverse.

All through Annihilation: Scourge, the forces of the twisted Cancerverse have invaded the Negative Zone, and they have gotten their sights on the Marvel Universe. As if that was not threatening enough, the Cancerverse’s forces have been made up of a lot of corrupted versions of Marvel’s superheroes from the dark dimension.

While this is not the Doctor Strange that all the Marvel fans are familiar with, he is only as formidable as the MAsters of the Mystic Arts in battle. Just as he lands in the Marvel Universe, Strange starts to turn Graxians into Cancerverse monsters. Bill and Lockjaw then try to make their way past all the monsters, and the sorcerer summons the Wrath of the Vault of Argento. Lockjaw then leaps right in front of the blast and sacrifices himself and shields Bill.

Bill then smashes Strange into pieces using the Stormbreaker.

Strange is one of Marvel’s most formidable superheroes, and Bill’s ability to actually destroy him is an impressive feat. As if this was not enough, Bill had used the Stormbreaker, to send the Sentry back through the rift. Since Sentry could be called Marvel’s most powerful Avenger, this is very impressive for Bill.

When the Stormbreaker was lost in this dimension, Lockjaw had made a miraculous return and teleported Bill to the Negative Zone where he could then retrieve the hammer. With Bill in a pretty prime position for vanquishing the Sentry, it looks certain that he will become a part of the final struggle against the hero and the Cancerverse forces.


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