The Travesty That It Took The Academy 2 Decades To Recognise A Comic Genre Movie Prominently


The fact that Joker received 11 nominations in Academy awards is a huge deal for comic book and franchise fans all over the world. Not that it was surprising or anything since the film was possibly one of the best movies ever made in the comic book genre. But the surprising element is that it is a feat rarely done. Comic book oriented movies don’t really get that much love from the academy except for that in the technical category.

The only two movies to repeat this feat before were Black Panther, Logan and The Dark Knight. These three are the only comic movies in the last decade apart from the Joker to be nominated in the Academy awards in categories besides technical.

To be honest all these snubs don’t really make any sense. Because if what academy is looking for production value, emotional reflection and impact; these movies have it in plenty. People cried at the ending of Avengers: Endgame and Logan. Trust me I was in the theatres.

Not to take anything away from the Joker but the truth is many films before it were equally deserving of the Oscar love. Like Logan which was nothing like what this genre earlier produced. The Academy in my opinion is not really a huge fan Comic book movies because of how people pleasing it is in a tunnel vision. But most of what made Logan one of the best movies in the entire comic book franchise altogether is the passion it had in the making. I mean actors took pay cuts to make the film as grand as possible. The ending of two icons after 18 years was more emotional than you can even imagine. It was above and beyond everything.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, needless to say shone in their roles and we could feel everything. The loneliness and the need of it was very much accentuated. It was all exaggerated and amazingly accompanied by the brilliant portrayal Dafne Keen as Laura.

The fact that the movie didn’t get recognised more prominently in the academy was a travesty. The amount of impact these superhero movies are making is unparalleled and therefore Academy must start to pay more heed to it.


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