The Time When Deadpool Slept With Hippo-Like Alien With 4 Eyes, And He Totally Enjoyed It, Here’s How It Happened


In the Marvel Universe, Earthlings are not alone. Along with them co-exists extraterrestrial life forms with technology far more advanced than our own. At times these extraterrestrials sought to invade, enslave, or destroy us. Fortunately, Marvel’s impressive list of heroes always rises to the occasion, to save the Earth and the universe from such threats. That being said, not all aliens are bad, and there are handfuls who actually work with our earthly superheroes to save the world. Interstellar travel is also a big part of Marvel, so it’s no surprise that occasionally such characters are frequently courting, seducing, and shacking up with one another light years from home. With that in mind let’s take a look at the time when our favorite Merc with the Mouth hooked up with an alien hippo.

Deadpool gets roped into a contract with supposedly deceased intergalactic bounty hunter Macho Gomez’s in-law’s outer space towing business. After he arrived, Deadpool was confronted by Gomez’s widow — a gigantic hippo-like alien named Orksa. Deadpool, comforts her with a kiss, unknowingly sealing the deal in what was her culture’s marriage rituals. Their marriage only lasts two issues (Deadpool #33-35) which is more than enough time for Deadpool to get jiggy with his new lady.

In Deadpool #34, a scantily clad Orksa is seen on top of Deadpool in bed. When Marcus Gomez reappears two issues later, Deadpool says that Orksa, “really knows her way around a Crisco kiddy pool, if you get my meaning!” Even though the accidental marriage is quickly annulled, Deadpool claims his time with Orksa left him with a new fetish.


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