100+ The Poseidon Adventure Quotes Based On The 1972 American Disaster Film

The Poseidon Adventure quotes

These The Poseidon Adventure Quotes Based On The 1972 American Disaster Film. There are so many The Poseidon Adventure  quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these The Poseidon Adventure  Quotes exists just do that.

This 1972 is a Hollywood disaster film which was directed by Ronald Neame, that is based on the 1969 novel, eponymous, by Paul Gallico. The movie is a star-studded with five of academy award winners, Gene Hackman, Jack Albertson, Red Buttons, along with Shelly Winters, and Ernest Borgnine. The half part of the movie is widely filmed in the RMS Queen Mary.

The plot tells the story about a fictional and luxurious ship, SS Poseidon, which is set to sell from New York City to Athens, Greece, before getting into the scarpyard. The movie is set on the New Year’s Eve, when she gets overturned by a tsunami, with all the passengers trapped inside it along with a preacher who attempts to make a group to reach the safety land.

In the opening scene we see, SS Poseidon in full speed despite her limits and also, we get introduced to the cast and crew members present on the ship. The Tsunami takes place on the New Year’s Eve when everyone gathered around the dining hall for the celebration. Despite the help call, the ship hit the broadside and overturns, and the Poseidon began to sink into the ocean with the passengers.

The viewers encounter the struggle of alive passengers in order to survive throughout the film in various forms. In the end, after Scott’s death, Rogo leads the remaining 5 survivors to the top of the shaft tunnel and on hearing a rescue helicopter tries to attract its attention. They all get saved and flew back to the mainland.

The movie was successful to gross 93.3 million from its release and was one of the highest-grossing disaster films. The movie even won two academy awards, along with a Golden Globe and as well as BAFTA along with Motion pictures award. A sequel to the movie, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure was released in 1979.

We have dug up these The Poseidon Adventure  quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of The Poseidon Adventure  Sayings in a single place. The Poseidon Adventure  Quotes  About Mary have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular The Poseidon Adventure  quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of The Poseidon Adventure  quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“Combining the talents of fifteen Academy Award Winners.”

The Poseidon Adventure saying

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“Especially one as old as this!”

The Poseidon Adventure quotes “Hell, Upside Down”

The Poseidon Adventure popular quotes

“Who will survive in one of the greatest escape adventures ever!”

The Poseidon Adventure famous quotes

“Running an unstable ship at full ahead is dangerous!”

The Poseidon Adventure best quotes

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“At midnight on New Year’s Eve, the S.S. Poseidon, en route from New York to Athens, met with disaster and was lost. There were only a handful of survivors.”

“This is their story…..”

“So what resolution should we make for the new year? Resolve to let God know that you have the guts and the will to do it alone. Resolve to fight for
yourselves, and for others, for those you love. And that part of God within you will be fighting with you all the way.”

“[After Belle Rosen dies]: “Oh God no, not this woman. Not this woman.”

“[Looking up to God after Linda Rogo falls to her death and a hot pipe bursts, releasing steam that blocks the survivors’ escape]: What more do you want of
us? We’ve come all this way, no thanks to you. We did on our own no help from you. We didn’t ask you to fight for us but damn it, don’t fight against us!
Leave us alone! How many more sacrifices? How much more blood? [Scott jumps off the catwalk, grabs onto the hot valve wheel and starts turning it while
hanging on] How many more lives? Belle wasn’t enough. Acres wasn’t. Now this girl! You want another life? Then take me! [The steam ceases. Scott, still
hanging onto the valve wheel, turns to face the suriviors] You can make it, keep going! Rogo, get them through! [He lets go of the wheel and falls into the
fire-laden water below].”

“[To Reverend Scott after Linda has fallen off a catwalk to her death]: You! Preacher! You lyin’, murderin’ son of a bitch! You almost suckered me in! I
started to believe in your promises, that we had a chance! What chance? You took from me the only thing I ever loved in the whole world, my Linda. YOU KILLED
HER!! [Rogo breaks down]: You killed her.”

“I’m going next. So if old fat ass gets stuck in there, I won’t get stuck behind her.”

“You see, Mr. Scott? In the water, I’m a very skinny lady.”

“At midnight on New Year’s Day the S.S. Poseidon was struck by a 90-foot tidal wave and capsized.”

“Captain Harrison: “Running an unstable ship at full ahead is dangerous!”

“Mr. Linarcos: I am sure-”

“Captain Harrison: “Especially one as old as this!”

“Mr. Linarcos: I am sure I don’t have to remind you of my legal right to have you relieved of command. Three other officers aboard this ship have their
Master’s License. Now, order Full Ahead!”

“Captain Harrison: You irresponsible bastard.”

“Robin Shelby: Why don’t you shove it?”

“Susan Shelby: [angrily] Don’t you ever say that to me again!”

“Robin Shelby: Shove it! Shove it! Shove it!”

“Mike Rogo: You know what it means to be picked out from all the people aboard to sit at the Captain’s table on New Year’s Eve? Well, I’ll tell ya what it
means. It means that all your worries about those other women looking on ya is a lot of bull.”

“Linda Rogo: He only invited you because you’re a Detective Lieutenant. Why don’t you just go without me?”

“Mike Rogo: And what am I supposed to do at midnight? Kiss the Captain?”

“Linda Rogo: Don’t knock it. (Linda enters the bathroom and closes the door)”

“Mike Rogo: Why don’t you admit the real reason? You’re still afraid some bum will recognize you. Well that’s pretty stupid! You’re out of that business now,
you’re my wife. You can’t keep running around pretending that every guy you bump into is a former customer. Linda, you hear me?!”

“Linda Rogo: Will you shut up?! I’m busy in here! (Toilet flushes)”

“Mike Rogo: You weren’t even out on the streets that long! How the hell many guys did you know?! You realize how slim the chances are that even one of these
characters is on this boat?!”

“Linda Rogo: (opening the bathroom door) You don’t have to shout.”

“Mike Rogo: I SAID THA-…I said do you realize how slim-”

“Linda Rogo: I HEARD WHAT YOU SAID! (sitting down on the bed) Mike? I saw a young officer on deck the other day. And he looked pretty damn familiar! Even with his clothes on!”

“Mike Rogo: So he recognized you. So?”

“Linda Rogo: But doesn’t that bother you?”

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“Mike Rogo: If it bothered me I wouldn’t have married you.”

“Linda Rogo: Well first you arrested me six times!”

“Mike Rogo: Well I had to figure out some way to keep you off the streets until you married me!”

“Linda Rogo: [softening] Come here, you lousy cop.”

“Mike Rogo: This is the first trip since we got married.”

“Linda Rogo: Yeah, and why we didn’t fly, I’ll never know.”

“Reverend Frank Scott: Well, since the Captain put me in charge. let’s make a toast.”

“Linda Rogo: Great. What do we drink to?”

“Reverend Frank Scott: To love.”

“Linda Rogo: Here here, to love. [to Mike] To love, dummy!”

“Mike Rogo: Oh.”

“Captain Harrison: It seems to be piling up those shallows… By the way, Happy New Year.”

“First Officer Larsen: Thank you, sir. Same to you.”

“Captain Harrison: [returning to the conversation] What’s its speed?”

“First Officer Larsen: 60 knots, sir.”

“Captain Harrison: It must be mountainous…”

“Captain Harrison: [over intercom to radio room] Sparks!”

“Wireless Operator: Yes, sir?”

“Captain Harrison: Get off a Mayday!”

“Wireless Operator: [puzzled] Mayday, sir?”

“Captain Harrison: Yes, I said Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!”

“Linda Rogo: [dazed] Jesus Christ. What happened?”

“Reverend Frank Scott: We’ve turned over.”

“Mike Rogo: Linda, Linda honey, are you all right?”

“Linda Rogo: Hi… where the hell have you been?”

“Mike Rogo: Where do you think? Flying around on my ass!”

“Purser: For God’s sake, Reverend, what you’re doing is suicide!”

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“Reverend Frank Scott: We’re cut off from the rest of the world. They can’t get to us. Maybe we can get to them. You’ve said enough, now get out of the way.”

“Purser: Pray for us, but don’t do this! [to the others] Climbing to another deck will kill you all!”

“Reverend Frank Scott: And sitting on our butts is not gonna to help us either! Maybe by climbing out of here, we can save ourselves. If you’ve got any sense, you’ll come along with us. [to Rogo] Grab a hold.”

“Reverend Frank Scott: Through the kitchen and go deeper and deeper in the ship till we reach the hull. That way!”

“Mike Rogo: Then you just kick out the bottom and we swim ashore, huh?”

“Linda Rogo: Or maybe you could just yell “This is the police” and it’ll open right up!”

“Mike Rogo: Don’t be a smart ass!”

“Reverend Frank Scott: Ok Mrs. Rogo, up you go. But you’ll have to take off that long gown.”

“Mike Rogo: Like hell she will!”

“Reverend Frank Scott: She can’t climb in it. It’s too tight.”

“Mike Rogo: She’s got nothin’ under it!”

“Linda Rogo: Just panties. What else do I need?”

“Mike Rogo: What do you mean what else do you need?!”

“Reverend Frank Scott: Give her your shirt.”

“Mike Rogo: But…my…”

“Linda Rogo: Come on.”

“Mike Rogo: Linda, next time you put something on like I told you to put on!”

“James Martin: What do I tell I tell the others?”

“Mike Rogo: Tell them to break out their hymn books and start singing “Nearer My God To Thee”!”

“Linda Rogo: This is a bunch of crap. We’re sinking and nothing’s going to keep us from drowning.”

“Mike Rogo: Keep moving.”

“Manny Rosen: He’s right, Mrs. Rogo, there are air pockets all over the ship.”

“Linda Rogo: Air pockets?”

“Manny Rogen: Yes, just because that deck is flooded doesn’t mean this one will.”

“Nonnie Parry: How long will we stay afloat?”

“James Martin: [gently] Long enough.”

“Robin Shelby: The Andrea Doria stayed afloat 10 hours before she sank.”

“James Martin: You see, Nonnie, everything’s gonna be alright. We have a long time to go.”

“Mike Rogo: Come on, keep moving, keep moving.”

“Belle Rosen: You see, he’s swimming through the corridors and up and down these stairwells, I’m the only one here trained to do things like that!”

“Linda Rogo: Will you shut up?!”

“Manny Rosen: Belle, be careful.”

“Belle Rosen: Manny, you think I’m planning to be careless? [dives in]”

“Mike Rogo: What the hell does he think she’s doing?!”

“Manny Rosen: Let her go! She knows what she’s doing!”

“Mike Rogo: What the hell happened? You didn’t pull the rope.”

“Reverend Frank Scott: I got trapped. Mrs. Rosen freed me.”

“Mike Rogo: Thanks Mrs. Rosen, if it hadn’t been for you, none of us…[Scott grabs Rogo’s arm, Rogo does a double take and realizes Mrs. Rosen is dead] Aww,

“Reverend Frank Scott: Go back and tell the others.”

“Mike Rogo: And what do I tell him?”

“Reverend Frank Scott: Tell him nothing! Just go back and get him.”

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“Mike Rogo: Ya had a lotta guts, lady… a lotta guts.”

“Reverend Frank Scott: Mr. Rosen…look…the last thing she said to me was “Give this to Manny to give to our grandson from both of us.” Your place is with
the living. If you don’t come with us, her death is meaningless. Now come on.”

“Manny Rosen: All right, you go first. I want to stay with her a little longer.”

“Reverend Frank Scott: You’ve got one minute.”

“James Martin: What kind of a policeman were you? You’ve done nothing but beef and complain. Always negative, always destructive. Well, now’s you’re chance to something positive for a change! [tauntingly] Are you quitting, Mr. Rogo? Are you going out with a whimper, on your belly?”

“Mike Rogo: All right, you. That’s enough!”


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