This Character From Solo Returns To The Mandalorian


The Mandalorian has now brought back a popular Star Wars alien who had been introduced in the movie, Solo. In The Mandalorian episode 6, called, “The Prisoner”, Mando and a few of his bounty hunting buddies had been sent on a rescue mission to break one of the allies out of a New Republic prison transport. As they wander the halls of the transport, the fans get a glimpse at the kind of cargo the ship is hauling. Here, we see a creature called the Ardennian. The character had been voiced by Jon Favreau, the creator of The Mandalorian and it makes sense why it had been brought back. These bipedal primates had been tailor made for military work.

Although Solo had been a box office failure for Disney, it was clear that the showrunners want to pull from all areas to fill in space in The Mandalorian. This utilizes pre-existing side characters and also allows for aliens like the Ardennians to enter the spotlight. This strategy keeps all the characters within the view of the fans.

The fans are happy to see The Mandalorian have a lot of creatures. Especially the ones who had short time on screen time in their first go around and did not get a chance to appear. The Ardennians are a new addition to the Star Wars canon. Rio Durant did not get a big role in Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Ardennian seen in The Mandalorian did not get one line. This series has been a clear indication that very little is off the table and it will not be a surprise if more creatures make appearances in this series.


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