The Mandalorian Coming Back In October


One thing we can say for sure is that we are very glad Disney+ is in existence. Disney+ since its arrival has created a huge impact on Pop Culture in various ways. They have brought back beloved properties like Lizzie McGuire, High School Musical and The Princess Diaries back from dead. But also given hope to Marvel as well as Star Wars fans hope after both of their franchise reached a definite end in their last movies.

Marvel and Star Wars is hugely important to Disney as both of them are their highest grossing franchises. So it was obvious that they were bringing both of them back to their revolution which was Disney+.

Though Marvel is yet to come out with their series, releasing the first look on Superbowl. But Star Wars released their first live action series in 2019 titled The Mandalorian. A huge part of its success is the phenomenon that Baby Yoda became.

The series has turned out to be critically as well as commercially successful. So it was a matter of little doubt whether the show will come back or not. It was already announced that the show will come back in 2020 but there was no clear date in sight. But now after the Disney quarterly earnings call on Tuesday afternoon it was revealed that the next season will come out on October of his year.

The Mandalorian at its core deals with the relationship between the series’ breakout star Baby Yoda and Din Djarin a bounty hunter that decides to protect the child instead of killing it.

The series holds a 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has been described as action packed and extremely crafted. It has also been called a welcome addition to the Star Wars franchise.

Not only is the world but even the entire cast obsessed with Baby Yoda. Emily Swallow, who plays the mysterious Armorer on the show, raved about her time on set with the Baby Yoda puppet.

“I mean, that was ridiculous, because like you know that it’s not real, but it really is just as cute in person,” Swallow told “I was so, so happy that I got to be in a scene with him, and I had no idea though, the kind of impact it would have, and I didn’t think, I mean, everything was so secretive around filming it. I didn’t really know everything that had gone on with him in the episodes that I wasn’t in, but I was super-excited that I got to be the one to reveal the stuff about the Jedi and where he might have come from.”


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