Did The Joker Just Campaign For Donald Trump? Here’s What’s Happening


Ahead of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, DC Nation had released a preview from the comic book with a very controversial depiction. In this art, The Joker is standing in front of posters for President Donald Trump and is wearing suit that is American flag themed, and he is preparing to campaign for him. This has been written by Miller and features art by Rafael Grampa, The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, and it will be released tomorrow.

In “The Golden Child,” Carrie Kelley and Jonathan Kent are set to team up to become an unpredictable riff on the “World’s Finest” combos. Jonathan Kent is a toddler, but, he has super-intellect and has become what Miller calls a “floating Buddha.”

“Jonathan did really evolve since DK3,” Miller had said.

“He’s in it himself, but what comes next — Lara as the daughter of Superman, having all the power and fury to all of a sudden have the boy being this floating Buddha with all the wisdom of Krypton, seemed irresistible. In Dark Knight Returns, Carrie comes in and is really the daughter of Batman. And Lara in DK2 as the rather surprising daughter of Superman, and the third one, we’ve got Jonathan.”

Miller actually wanted to explore the “turbulent” relationship between Superman and Batman in the comics, and this will be about the relationship that he and The Dark Knight Returns had no small part in shaping. Instead of doing this with two old men, Miller had moved this to the next generation.

“Partly what I’m up to, I’ve got to admit, is a bit of fun,” Miller had said.

“I’m playing off the very turbulent relationship I gave Superman and Batman. In this situation, it’s almost a reversal, in that Carrie is working with a boy who’s very much her junior, and is just discovering things — just discovering what people are. As innately wise as he is, she’s showing him the ropes. She’s very much a big sister…but she knows she’s dealing with an atom bomb in terms of power, and she’s trying to guide it.”

This will mark the second “crossover” between the DC villain and President Trump hosted a screening of the Joker film earlier this year at the White House, a movie that he had enjoyed.


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