When The Hulk Tore Apart Wolverine’s Body, This Is What Happened


Wolverine and Hulk are two brutal guys and big time wreckers, instead, we can call them Gods of destruction. Whenever the Hulk loses his mind, nothing and nobody can survive his ferocity, and anything that comes in his way will get SMASHed.

Wolverine is not much different at all, but, he manages to cut through a fight. However, things might be bad for him if he battles the green monster.

The battle between the Wolverine and the Hulk took place in the Ultimate Marvel Universe’s “Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk.” This was a crazy series, and despite featuring only six issues, it took four years to wrap up. Written by Damon Lindelof, this series had illustrations from Leinil Francis Yu. The story revolved around Nick Fury asking Wolverine to murder Bruce Banner.

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However, things could not have been any worse. Logan is mincemeat in Hulk’s comparison.

Logan locates the Hulk in the Himalayas, and they had a brief battle which sees Hulk tear Wolverine into two and hurl his upper body into the mountains. Courtesy of his regenerative powers, Wolverine slithers back and manages to beat the Hulk.


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