The Expendables To Have A Spinoff Starring Jason Statham


Having a franchise is the dream of every studio and network. People at this moment are eating up nostalgia left, right and centre. People want to see every character explored to the limit and beyond. That is the reason why Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC extended Universe and Arrowverse works.

If you have something that works juice it up until people want it. The expendables is one such franchise. What Marvel is for superheroes and The Expendables is for Action stars. It stars all the icons of the action genre from Sylvester Stallone       , Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren to Terry Crews.

All the 3 movies did exceptionally well though the third movie performed a little below expectation. Its underwhelming performance is the biggest reason the development on the fourth movie was hindered.

In between there were reports that Stallone had left the fourth movie over disagreements which he himself confirmed. Schwarzenegger also refused to continue in the franchise without him.

But now it seems all is well in paradise as both of them have confirmed to reprise their role in the fourth instalment of the series. Though technically it’s not the fourth instalment of the main series but a spin off titled The Expendables: A Christmas Story primarily focussing on Jason Statham’s character Lee Christmas, hence the title.

Other information suggests that Stallone’s role will be an emotional one. Though earlier Duncan Jones was supposed to helm the position of the director but the negotiations fell through. Now it seems the coveted role will be filled by D.J. Caruso known for his work in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.

Though the movie is confirmed to be in development there are doubts regarding when it will be shot considering Caruso is to begin work in xXx 4 and Statham might also get busy with the Fast and Furious sequels in which his own spin off with Dwayne Johnson is also included.


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