The Daughter Of Superman And Wonder Woman Is An A-Hole


The following contains spoilers for Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, by Frank Miller, Rafael Grampá and Jordie Bellaire, on sale now.

The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child is about Carrie Kelley who embraces that she is Batwoman, and Darkseid making use of the Joker to turn the people mad. It is also about the powers of Jonathan Kent, who is Superman and Wonder Woman’s, son. The comic’s most secret weapon is Lara Kent, who is Superman and Wonder Woman’s daughter.

Jonathan Kent is the main character, and his sister is the Golden Child is the main driver of his part of the story. She then takes on Darkseid, and joins with Carrie’s crusade, and also shows Jonathan. It is a good thing that he takes after his father because with Lara’s influence, he would turn into an uncaring God that Superman deconstructions become.

Lara is a part of this deconstruction herself. It is pretty clear from the beginning how she carries herself, flying and her hair all over the place, and a Superman emblem on her chest. She was raised on Paradise Island and has the Amazonians’ disdain for the World of Me.

She really hates how humans are eating, and are focused on food. It gets much worse when they fly by a political rally. What actually sets her off is that it passes off as civilization.

“They’re born upset. They never stop complaining — not until they start killing each other,” Jonathan had said.

If this had been all there is to her, she would have been fun but wear out her welcome. Lara listens to her brother right from the start. Jonathan actually sees humanity can do a lot of things and spends a lot of their effort in helping each other. She then rejects what he had said out of hand in this moment, and gets through to her.

We then see it when she has been tempted by Darkseid and also agrees with him as they speak the language of humanity’s worthlessness. When she sees that Carrie has been taken over and the humans under Darkseid have their minds wiped, she then turns.

She then redirects his Omega Beam back at him and takes the hit which weakens him, and this allows Jonathan to attack and drain him. She uses her brother’s power for getting in one verbal jab at him before having disappeared and left him to the people that he had manipulated.


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