The Crow Apparently In Development At Sony


The impact of Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC extended Universe and Arrowverse has been unparalleled in superhero community. These projects have created an interest in the genre as never before. This genre always had fans albeit passionate fans. But the movies would sometimes not work out because it couldn’t match up to the expectations of this passionate fan base or even if they turned successful actors, directors and producers didn’t have enough faith to turn it into a franchise. But after years MCU and The Dark Knight trilogy got it right on the screen and the Arrow verse proved its mettle on TV.

Both of these phenomenon led to an exhaustion of comic book material and you know what it is perfectly ok because there is so much material and that to of such good quality that it doesn’t matter. Everybody from Superheroes, Villains, antiheroes or even common people in the comic world is worthy of getting their own adaptation. In the last two years movies like Endgame, Wonderwoman, Joker and Logan have proved that this world can be taken seriously. This has generated renewed interest in everything. If you remember I said in this article that some movies before MCU and Dark knight trilogy on the screen did get success but were not developed for various reasons. The foremost example of those are Mask starring Jim Carrey and The Crow starring Brandon Lee. The former didn’t go forward because of the actors’ reluctance and the latter somewhat did but couldn’t maintain its spark due to the unfortunate demise of Lee.

The Crow based on the superhero of the same name was widely appreciated. A reboot of the series has now been attempted quite a number of times, the closest the project ever reached to development was when Momoa was attached to it. But after his leaving it remained in a limbo. But now it seem like Sony took an inspiration from Eric Draven and decided to give it another go. It will now get the franchise treatment and will be done in collaboration with Davis Films, Highland Film Group, and Electric Shadow.

We hope that the adaptation becomes successful and honours the legacy of Lee.


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