The Continental Gets A Premier Date On Starz


Can you imagine anything about John Wick without John Wick? 2 years ago even the thought of doing anything related to John Wick without Keanu Reeves’ iconic character would be considered inconceivable. But in this day and age people are slowly and steadily breaking all the limitations placed on any kind of creative outlet. One of the biggest criticism movies as a creative product faces is the limitation of its scope. The time constraints of a movie limit its lens only to certain characters. We cannot really delve deep into something or someone even the protagonist. We can never understand why Rose didn’t shift for Jack because the movie simply doesn’t have enough tie for her to speak about it.

But now if people have enough interest, we can delve deep into any aspect that we want to. It is this thought process that has given birth to The Continental. It is a prequel series which will focus on the hotel chain that acts as a neutral ground for assassins, as opposed to the character John Wick.

There is plenty of excitement about it among long-time fans of the movie as well as the creators.In the TCA winter tour Starz boss Jeffrey Hirsch revealed that the series will probably premier after the release of John Wick: Chapter 4 so that the series benefits from the movie rather than compete against it.

Hirsch is constantly in contact with the writers regarding the progress of the TV Series and seems to be happy with it. Since John wick chapter 4has a release date of May 20, 2021, the series could be expected sometime after that.

The timeline of the series will be much before any of the John Wick movies, it is unclear whether any of the original characters will grace the series. We can only hope that characters like Zero feature in the series who supposedly died in the last movie. “In terms of Zero’s supposed demise, I think that with Zero’s training, being able to slow down his heart rate, stop his pulse or slow down his pulse and with the Chinese and Japanese herbal medicines and all that, I think it’s quite possible that Zero caught his breath,” Dacascos told us of a potential return to his character. “That’s what I think. Because I think when Zero says, ‘Just let me catch my breath,’ I don’t think that’s meant as a funny.”


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