The Batman Game Series To Be Rebooted


Gaming fans have literally had a lit season. From adaptation of huge properties like Mortal Kombat, Sonic The Hedgehog, Silent Hill and Fatal Frame to having an opportunity to stay in Video game theme hotels. Now there is news that the Batman series of games will be rebooted. The information comes from GWW.

According to reports a new Batman game titled Batman: Arkham is in development at Warner Bros. this game will be a soft reboot of the earlier series of Batman games in the market.

People were wondering as to why 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight, was taking so long to get a sequel. GWW reports that at one point a sequel was planned centring on Bruce Wayne’s son who would inherit the cape from his father. They planned to announce the aforementioned game in The Game Awards, but Warner Bros. scrapped the plans and moved forward with the idea of redevelopment.

Following the success of Arrowverse, it seems like DC is trying to introduce a cohesive universe in each and every one of their formats and seems like they would follow he strategy in this reboot.

This game will be followed by Rocksteady’s new latest reiteration of the DC games. There is also a Superman game in the pipeline.

All these reports are unconfirmed and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt. And considering the fact that it has been such a long time since any of the DC games have come into the market therefore a lot of news has come in hat regard.

It is a guarantee that DC games are going in to some kind of redevelopment just like the movie universe.

As we all know Warner Bros. Montreal has been teasing its new game since September 2019, but still hasn’t revealed anything, therefore many people think that the new game will probably come out at the PS5 reveal.


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