The 24 Most Hilarious Teen Titans Comics


Teen Titans used to be and still is, among the best DC-based TV series. The series debuted back in 2013 on Cartoon Network and had the young caped heroes undertake adventures for five seasons before wrapping up with the 2006’s Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, a creation of Glen Murakami, who is also known for Batman Beyond and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. Teen Titans was a great blend of action, comedy, and a lot of characteristics, and turned out to be a winning concoction. In 2013, we saw a separate spin-off called Teen Titans Go! arrive on the scene, but, that one is better forgotten.

The leading Titans are Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy. The audiences immediately identified and related to them as they were backed by compelling origin stories, and the original series had one season each focusing on these team members, which ensured that all of them got their due prominence. Teen Titans was the definitive television series in the mid-2000s, as far as the kids and teenagers of that decade are concerned. Their stories were family friendly, but, the best thing was that the Cartoon Network series was an uncompromising show. The series was based on the Marv Wolfman/George Perez creation New Teen Titans, and this DC show proved that Batman was not the only DC superhero fit for an animated version.

While Teen Titans never shied from venturing into the dark, comedy was a major element of its formula. Cyborg and Raven were always there to come up with a hilarious scene, and Teen Titans’ hilarity wasn’t confined to only a single medium.

Here we present to you 25 Teen Titans comics which are too funny to describe in words.

24. Robin Plays Favorites

23. Work Before Pleasure

22. In The Heat Of The Moment…

21. School For The Gifted (And Disappointment)

20. Robin Takes Off His Mask (Feels Good)

19. Exceeding Expectations

18. Raven’s Slip Of The Tongue

17. An Unexpected Valentine

16. Cyborg, Life Is Rarely Fair!

15. Teen Titans’ New Leader

14. Raven’s True Identity (Has Nothing In Common With Twilight)

13. Raven, We Wish That Was The Case!

12. Resistance Is Futile (Or, Is It?)

11. Calming The Beast (Not That One)

10. Beast Boy’s Avant Garde Painting (Is Slightly Weird)

9. Justice Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes

8. Robin Accepts Facts (There Is Only One Robin)

7. Lost In Translation

6. Teenage Banter

5. Titan Tower Opens A Petting Zoo

4. Teen Titans And The Wardrobe Malfunction

3. Raven’s Birthday Bash

2. Good Night, Sweet Princess

1. RobRae’s Fury Cannot Be Tamed


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