Thanos Vs Adam Warlock – The Battle Between The Most Powerful Marvel Characters


The Marvel comic universe is large and wide inhabited by entities far beyond our imagination. These cosmic beings are the be all and end all in the entire universe and are manifested by such power that our mere mortal minds are unable to comprehend. What happens when two such cosmic beings go head to head. In this case we take a look at two power lords:  Thanos vs Adam Warlock.

First we must assess the capabilities of each individual and then determine the winner in the battle. Before moving any further with this analysis, let us delve into the back stories of these characters.


The Mad Titan is a hybrid born of the Eternals. The Eternals were a race created by the Celestials of the Marvel comic verse. These celestials include beings like the grandmaster and the collector and were the creators of life in the Marvel comic verse. Along the way, they had realised that they disturbed the balance of the universe and to correct their mistakes, the celestials experimented on the life that they had created, and segregated the human race into three categories.

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The first were the ones that had been created became the source of rumours of trolls and monsters in the modern era. The second were the normal humans that populated the planet earth. Lastly were the Eternals.

The Eternals did not want to inhabit the same planet as the primitive counterparts, and they left planet earth and occupied a Saturn moon named Titan. Thanos was born here. With his unrivaled intellect and strength Thanos not ruled Titan and the entire dark quadrant.

Thanos then fell in love with Lady Death who convinced him to wipe out half the universe, and this would win Thanos Death’s heart.

Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock was born from an android which was created by a group of scientists on earth, and these scientists wanted to create the perfect human. The aim of the enclave was argued to be good, but their means to achieve the goal were corrupt and evil. The android that they had created ended up leaving them in the dust and flying away as soon as he broke out of his cocoon. When Adam left earth and wandered the cosmos he was saved by Utau and from there on roamed the universe gathering both immense knowledge and powers.

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The result was an android with immense cosmic powers and transmutation capabilities and a strategic mind.

Along with the soul stone, Warlock also has capabilities to manipulate matter and energy making him one of the most lethal beings in the universe. He has power over cosmic energy transmutation and can control noncosmic matter that borderlines on the purest form of alchemy. Adam Warlock is also blessed with enhanced speed and strength along with ultra-awareness.

Death Battle: Adam Warlock Vs Thanos

Thanos is a being of immense strength, and it is a rare sight to see Thanos show mercy. Adam Warlock is a cosmic entity with a moral view of an ideal human civilization. He was built for the purpose of perfection, almost like a cosmic version of Steve Rogers. So Warlock would choose to put Thanos down if he holds the Titan at his mercy, perhaps.

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Now it’s true that Thanos is an all-powerful being who can swat Adam Warlock like a fly.  But Warlock has the magical capability to put Thanos down. However, Thanos has already defeated Warlock when he possessed the soul stone.

Simply speaking, the decision will be based on the condition of the fight. If Thanos and Warlock meet, the Mad Titan may succeed in killing Adam with a soul stone, but if Adam is given enough time to strategize and counter-attack, he may come out of this victorious.



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