Finally Thanos Got Close To His Love “Death” In Final Comic But The End Is Depressing


Thanos’s story has now come to an end with Death. The purple villain had spent a lot of his entire life trying to win the love of death, slaying many people to impress her. In Thanos #18, the final issue, Death had blessed him with her voice.

The story arc re-established Death as the villain’s goal, telling a story of how “Thanos Wins” by killing all the heroes-the Celestial, the living things in the Marvel universe. Many years later, only some immortals stand by his side. Death refuses to meet him, and Thanos has one battle left, and this ends in victory… and defeat.

Those who are reading the comic would know that Thanos has left a handful of souls to keep him company by the end of Marvel’s Universe. Thanos had built a huge temple and statue from the bones of the Celestial for Lady Death. He knew that some more deaths were needed much before winning Death’s love. He needed the help of his younger self to bring down the last enemy: Silver Surfer who became Thor.

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King Thanos and Thanos won but the battle had ensured to leave nobody alive. The immortal Hulk dies with the Surfer. Ghost Rider was also blown into pieces.

As Lady Death approaches “dressed for a wedding,” every version of Thanos realizes at the same time that she can only have one husband.

It is a great moment when Thanos learns the real reason why he never won Lady Death’s heart. This Thanos is not millions of years older when he realizes that in order to be with Death, he has to die… “like everything else.” This may seem like a dead-end for a few conquerors, but this is Thanos that we are speaking about.

Now, only Thanos can kill Thanos, which is why he brought his younger self to the end of the universe to kill him so that he can be with Lady Death.

Lady Death confirms that only one final battle remains before she can be his, the two Thanos would have to fight to the death.

So, to be united with Death, Thanos has to lose.

Lady Death is happier than ever before she watches Thanos prove his love for her. This The fight is unforgettable due to Donny Cates’s narration and the art by Geoff Shaw.

Lady Death loses her taste for this fight as a younger Thanos starts to overpower King Thanos. As Thanos wraps his hands around the one’s neck, the sound of Thanos begging for death is vile to his ears. Lady Death then realized the same truth: Thanos wants his lover so much that he wants to die.

King Thanos screams to his younger self and believes this to be his destiny. Holding the Time Stone in his fist, Thanos promises to return. He will not kill his older self and will use it as a motivation to not fall to such depths.

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King Thanos starts to laughs, believing that the younger self is foolish to think that the outcome may be anything but destiny. But as he notices that it is not a wedding that Lady Death is dressed for, the truth starts to dawn.

His younger self has used this glimpse to productive ends. As darkness starts to claim almost everything, Thanos accepts that his fate is not inevitable. Lady Death then gives an answer: “He won.”

The closing scene of “Thanos Wins” could not get more poetic, and the story deserves much greater consideration than we can have here. The questions which are raised are comic book euphoria: Will Thanos will return a changed man? Is is this cycle doomed to repeat into infinity?


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