This Is How Thanos Got The Power Stone From The Nova Corps


The ending of Infinity War left fans speechless. It was a cliffhanger of epic proportions and subtly sent out a message to all haters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Marvel could go dark if they wanted to. No doubt that most of the heroes who died will be brought back in the sequel as they already have their own future solo movies planned.

While the movie showed how the Mad Titan got all five Infinity Stones, it wasn’t shown how Thanos defeated the Nova Corps, who are the Universe’s strongest armies from the planet Xandar and retrieved the sixth stone – the Power stone from them. We finally have a theory to help us there.

Thanos plans everything beforehand and waits for the perfect opportunity to strike and when that moment comes, he decimates his opponents with one full sweep. Odin was already dead. Ego, the Celestial who could actually defeat Thanos, is also dead. The Ancient One died in Doctor Strange. Thanos waited for the perfect moment to go after the remaining Infinity Stones on Earth.

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Thanos had his own army called the Black Order to back him up. They were designed by Thanos himself to act as his minions as well as his personal army for taking down whomever he wishes.

The Outrider army fared well against the technologically superior Wakandan forces. They even forced T’Challa to open a section of their wall to let the Outriders in. But the Nova Corps would have blasted them from afar and Xandar’s space monitoring abilities would be more advanced than our planets’.

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So even if Thanos tried to break in, he would have been shot down from light years away. Also when Thanos attacks Xandar, he does not have any Infinity Stones and hence is nothing against the might of Xandar.  This is where our theory comes in.

Comic books fans know that the Black Order has five supervillains who have pledged their loyalty to Thanos.  In the movie we saw Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf and Ebony Maw. But it doesn’t show us the fifth one.

Super Giant is the fifth and final member of the Black Order and is coincidentally the most powerful member of the Order. Super Giant has mind control abilities and was found by Thanos as a child in an asylum for the mentally unstable. Perhaps she is the one who got Thanos the Power Stone.

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But the Nova Corps aren’t to be defeated that easily and could have hurt her badly. Perhaps she was badly injured during her fight against Xandar. Or perhaps Super Giant’s fight with the Nova Corps was so severe that the resulting injuries lead to her eventual death. Nevertheless, a destroyed Xandar is the cue that the MCU can now focus on the legendary Nova, a superhero that everyone hopes will be a part of Marvel after Phase 4. Thanos has probably unwittingly paved the way for one of his greatest enemies to rise up and defeat him.


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