This Is How Thanos Was Beaten By The Avengers In Comic Books But Is This Possible In MCU


We assume that everyone who is reading this line has watched Avengers: Infinity War and is not bothered about spoilers.

Once Thanos wiped out half of the life from the universe, he was seen living in a tiny hut on some unknown planet, enjoying the sunrise just the way he had said he would do. Although this is easily one of the most heart-breaking endings to any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, but, we have Avengers 4 listed to hit theaters on May 3, next year.  That film has a great deal depending on it. It has to fix all the wrongs of the Avengers: Infinity War and also taking care about not being just an easy reset making the Avengers: Infinity War appear as a meaningless film. However, we are sure of one thing, how the Avengers beat Thanos in the comic books.

Here’s how The Avengers defeated Thanos in the comic books and whether that is possible in the MCU:

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The Comic Way:

The comic series we are going to check out is “The Infinity Gauntlet published in 1991, and written by Jim Starlin. The narrative of that comic series went like this.

The real reason why Thanos wanted to get the Infinity Stones was that he wanted to impress Lady Death by killing half of the Universe’s life and creating a balance. No battle takes place between the Avengers and Thanos and certainly no Infinity War. Thanos grabs the Stones (Gems in the comics) and gets his deed done.

The remaining story deals with the surviving characters such as Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer, Nebula, Captain America, Doctor Strange and others get together to undo the damage. Nebula manages to take the gauntlet off Thanos’ hand and goes on to wield it herself. Thanos later manages to convince her to rewind time to go back to the period before he got the gauntlet and in the chaos that follow, Adam Warlock snatches the Gauntlet, and Thanos lands up as a farmer on an unknown planet after having been defeated.

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Why is this not possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Although Disney owns Fox as well as Marvel, it is not likely that we will see Silver Surfer in Avengers 4. As far as Adam Warlock is concerned, he would be seen only in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. At least that’s what the plans are. Nebula is alive, but, Doctor Strange is gone. Therefore, while the possibility of Nebula wearing the Infinity Gauntlet is not ruled out in Avengers 4, the ending is not going to be an exact version of the comic books. That is guaranteed. Also, we don’t think Josh Brolin will ultimately become a farmer on an unnamed planet. That’s just not fair!


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