100+ Thanksgiving Jokes That Are So Funny To Read

funny thanksgiving jokes

We all know how much we love to crack jokes and laugh with our near and dear ones! Not alone that, we also wish to drown ourselves in a pool of comic sense and ever joke crackling crowd who will make our lives simple, easy and going!

Keeping that in mind, we have compiled 100+ Thanksgiving Jokes That Are So Funny To Read for an awesome reading experience! Not alone that these 60+ Thanksgiving Jokes will also give you a great breather from a complicated lifestyle that we often crib about!

Here we go!

As extraordinary as family time can be at your relatives’ home on Thanksgiving, we’re simply going to come right out and state that harmony in such lacking elbow room can once in a while get to your head quicker than Uncle Tim’s mark occasion mixed drink.

What’s more, after you’ve made “eat until you wobble” glad and the plates have been cleaned up from the Turkey Day feast, there’s consistently that aggregate, Okay now what? That each family unit falls under…because the post-nourishment extreme lethargies rest sessions can just keep going so long.

Without a doubt, you could watch a motion picture, to press in another cut of pie, and prepare to go Black Friday shopping. Or then again, you could simply help the state of mind with a sharp Thanksgiving joke!

From plays on words to jokes, there’s no deficiency of Turkey Day-related witticisms that are simply too culling great not to cherish. Your closest and dearest will raise their eat lets to any of these bubbly jests identified with eating, travelers, and the genuine superstar turkey. Also, don’t stress everyone is sufficient to hurl around the children’s table.

As you’re alternating sharing what you’re most appreciative of during supper, you can even make your closest and dearest close down with a smart thump joke or punchy spoof. This year, express appreciation for the best occasion jokes out there, which will unavoidably make each turkey-stuffed mouth twist into a grin. Since there’s no damage in jabbing a tad of fun while everybody jabs at their nourishment.

Now you know how these Thanksgiving Jokes also relieves us from shock, distress, strain, and stress and make us feel light and exacerbation free. So, the next time if something is clouding you, don’t fret! Just read these 100+ Thanksgiving Jokes Collection and see the difference!

Q: What is the difference between a chicken and a turkey?
A: Chickens celebrate Thanksgiving!

best thanksgiving jokes

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Q: What does a Pilgrim call his friends?
A: Pal-grims.

famous thanksgiving jokes

Q: What do you call a stuffed animal?
A: You, after Thanksgiving.

funny thanksgiving jokes

Q. Why did the turkey rush his lunch?
A. Because he was a little gobbler!

popular thanksgiving jokes Q: What does Miley Cyrus eat for Thanksgiving?
A: Twerk-ey!

thanksgiving jokes

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My family told me to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes, but I told them I couldn’t just quit “cold turkey.”

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store for Thanksgiving Day, but she couldn’t find one big enough for her family. She turned to the stock boy and asked, “Do these turkeys get any bigger?” “No, ma’am,” he replied. “They’re dead.”

Amy: Mom wants you to help us fix Thanksgiving dinner.
Dad: Why? Is it broken?

I was going to serve sweet potatoes with Thanksgiving dinner, but now that I sat on them, I’m serving squash.

Q: What did the hipster say the day after Thanksgiving?
A: I liked the leftovers before they were cool.

Q: If Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be known for?
A: Their age!

Q: What do you call a turkey on the day after Thanksgiving?
A: Lucky.

Thanksgiving is the only holiday where you eat the mascot.

Q: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
A: Pilgrims.

Q: If Pilgrims traveled on the Mayflower, what do college students travel on?
A: Scholar ships.

Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?
A: Pumpkin pi.

Q: What happens when you’re too harsh on cranberries and make them sad?
A: They turn into blueberries.

Q: What’s the difference between Election Day and Thanksgiving?
A: On Thanksgiving, you get a turkey for the day. On Election Day, you get a turkey for four years.

Q: Why did the turkey cross the road?
A: It was Thanksgiving Day and he wanted people to think he was a chicken!

A first grade class was asked to write a paragraph called “What I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving.” Little Johnny’s began, “I am thankful that I’m not a turkey.”

A potato and a sweet potato were playing on the playground. The sweet potato told the potato, “Hey, I just found out I’m related to you.” The potato said, “No, you’re not!” and the sweet potato replied, “Yes, I yam.”

Q: When did the Pilgrims first say, “God bless America?”
A: The first time they heard America sneeze.

Q: Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?
A: Yes, of course! A building can’t jump at all.

Q: Why did the cranberries turn red?
A: Because they saw the turkey dressing.

Q: What do you call Thanksgiving if you’re selfish?
A: Thanks-taking.

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Q: What do you call a running turkey?
A: Fast food.

Q: Why did the farmer have to separate the chicken and the turkey?
A: He suspected fowl play.

Q: What sound does a limping turkey make?
A: “Wobble, wobble!”

Q: Who doesn’t eat on Thanksgiving?
A: A turkey, because it is always stuffed.

Q: What do you call an evil turkey?
A: Poultry-geist.

Q: What did the turkey say before it was roasted?
A: Boy, I’m stuffed!

Q: What would you get if you crossed a turkey with an octopus?
A: Enough drumsticks for everyone.

My husband doesn’t think housework is a full-time job. So for Thanksgiving, I served him a raw turkey because revenge is a dish best served cold.

Q: What’s the best song to sing when preparing your Thanksgiving turkey?
A: “All About That Baste.”

Q: Why was there a turkey on Comedy Central?
A: He was there for a roast.

It was the first time a blonde was eating Thanksgiving dinner without her family. Trying to reenact the tradition, she prepared a dinner for herself alone. The next day, her mother called to see how everything went. “Oh mother, I made myself a lovely dinner, but I had so much trouble trying to eat the turkey!” said the daughter. “Did it not taste good?” her mother asked. “I don’t know,” the blonde said. “It wouldn’t sit still!”

There’s always something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Even if it’s just not being a turkey.

Help! This is my first time cooking for Thanksgiving. The turkey’s been in the oven for two hours, and it’s still running around!

What do you call a turkey that’s got no feathers? Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants.

You can tell you ate too much for Thanksgiving when you have to let your bathrobe out.

What does a disappointed mama turkey tell her kids? If your father were to see you now, he would be turning over in his gravy!

Why did the turkey play drums in his band? Because he already had drumsticks!

Scientists created a six-legged turkey for families who fight over the drumsticks. But the turkeys escaped, and no one can catch them.

I would count my blessings on Thanksgiving, but my relatives outnumber them.

You should be happy we’re having turkey, rather than the turkey have us.

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Who doesn’t eat on Thanksgiving? A turkey because it is always stuffed.

My family always celebrates Thanksgiving with a fast. The faster we eat, the more food we get.

What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving? The turkey trot.

Why did the farmer run a steamroller over his potato field on Thanksgiving Day? He wanted to raise mashed potatoes.

The Thanksgiving holiday brings Americans of all races and religions together to fight over discounted electronics.

What did the turkeys sing on Thanksgiving Day? God save the kin.

Celebrate Thanksgiving the American way: spend money you don’t have on Chinese products.

Most turkeys taste better the day after. My mother’s tasted better the day before.

Call your dad now and ask him what the wifi password is so he has time to find the little paper it’s written on before Thanksgiving.

Q. Why did the turkey cross the road?
A. Because Thanksgiving was right around the corner.

Q. Where did Pilgrims land when they arrived in America?
A. On their feet!

Q. Why did the turkey run across the road?
A. He wanted to get away from Thanksgiving!

Q. Why are pilgrims pants always falling down?
A. Their belts are on their hats!

Q. Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State building?
A. Yes. A building can’t jump.

Q. Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?
A. The outside.

Q. When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
A. In the dictionary.

Q. How did they send the turkey through the mail?
A. Bird Class.

Q. What sound does a space turkey make?
A. Hubble, hubble, hubble.

Q. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
A. Pilgrims.

Q. Why was the turkey banned from the corn field?
A. Because he would gobble it up!

Q. Who isn’t hungry at Thanksgiving?
A. The turkey, he’s already stuffed!

Q. What’s the best way to stuff a turkey?
A. Feed him all his favorite food!

Q. Why did the turkey cross the road?
A. It was the chicken’s day off!

Q. Why was the turkey running across the road?
A. To get away from the hunter!

Q. What do you get when you cross a turkey with an octopus?
A. Enough drumsticks for Thanksgiving!

Q. What would you get if you crossed a turkey with an octopus?
A. Eight feather dusters!

Q. What do you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?
A. A har- VEST.

Q. What’ the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?
A. A turKEY!

Q. If the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for?
A. Their age!

Q. Why did the potatoes turn red?
A. They saw the turkey dressing!

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Q. What sound does a limping turkey make?
A. Wobble, wobble!

Q. What kind of music did the Pilgrims like?
A. Plymouth Rock!

Q. Why can’t you take a turkey to church?
A. They have FOWL language.

Q. Why was the Thanksgiving soup so expensive?
A. It had 24 carrots.

Q. What would you get if you crossed a turkey with an evil spirit?
A. A poultrygeist!

Q. Why did the farmer run a steamroller over his potato field on Thanksgiving Day?
A. He wanted mashed potatoes.

Q. What happened when the turkey got into a fight?
A. He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

Q. Why did the police arrest the turkey?
A. They suspected him of fowl play!


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